Introduction :

Milk is a healthy diet for all age group. It is considered as a complete food containing all nutrients.

Parents usually search an alternate healthy nutritious food for their infants when it rejects intake of breast milk. They prefer Soy milk as a good choice for the infant. There is a question – Is Soy milk good for babies? The answer is – No. Know why, from the following lines.


What is soya milk?

A plant milk which can be prepared from soya beans by drying and soaking it.


Beliefs :

The belief of soy milk is healthy is a myth, completely. Infants need adequate amount of essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, calcium, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids to grow well. Recent studies have proved that feeding soy milk led to nutritious deficiency in infants.

Soy formula is unlike infant- formula and is hazardous to health. It may cause

  • Brain damage
  • Thyroid disease
  • Problems in reproductive system
  • Speech disturbances
  • Calcium and Zinc deficiency


Parents’ misbelief:

Parents think that the infants allergic to cow’s milk would be better with soy milk. But it is not recommendable. Soy milk will also be an allergic food to such infants. Some parents have an idea that organic soy formula would be the good source of nutrients to their babies than the genetically modified soy. Unfortunately, organic soy formula has no protective cover soy dangers and GM diseases. There is a belief that intake of soy milk will reduce the risks of breast cancer. It should be noted that cups of soy milk should not have any such effects on the risks of breast cancer.


Major risk factors in Soy Milk:

There is a threefold problem in utilizing soy formula in infants.

  • Trypsin inhibitors: these are proteins abundantly found in soybeans and inhibit digestion and nutrition absorption. Industrial process in soy infant formula deactivates majority of trypsin inhibitors. Even the presence of low amount prevents normal growth rate. When an infant is fed with such a formula, a rapid growth in brain would be observed. It affects brain and nervous system.


  • Phytic acid : It is an organic acid found plenty in soybeans. It is found in the outer portion of all seeds. It blocks the mineral absorption leading to calcium, magnesium and iron deficiency. Particularly it results in Zinc deficiency. Zinc is an important nutrient concerned with intelligence and due to the lack of zinc, it leads to rapid growth of brain and reducing IQ with lifelong implications.


  • Phytoestrogens: It is also called as isoflavones. The presence of these estrogen- compounds in infant formula will disrupt the hormonal system for life in babies. The exposure to estrogenic chemicals will lead to problems in puberty and infertility in girl children in their womanhood.


    To note: Toxicologists estimate that the infants fed with soy formula accumulate estrogenic equivalent to atleast five birth control pills per day. A recent study says that such babies fed with soy formula had 13,000 to 22,000 times of isoflavones in blood than the babies fed with milk formula.

Advisable sources:

Doctors usually recommend breast milk for 12 months and grassfed dairy infant formula.

No Phytoestrogens are found in dairy-based infant formula and in human milk, even the feeding mother intakes soy products. Increase in isoflavones was not seen in babies fed by milk based formula.

Note: Babies are gifts. Providing them good health with proper nutrition is the duty of parents.

So, feeding anything other than breast milk, without consulting your doctor is bad for your babies.

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