Is Oregano Oil An Effective Cure For Acne?

Is Oregano Oil An Effective Cure For Acne?

Acne is a mazer problem in youth today. Its looks so ugly and we can’t able to hide them it’s also a big problem that when pimple appears then we touch them so it may increase. It’s too hard to hide this pimple. Some people use makeup to hide these pimple and acne. Makeup products can harm your skin because the increase pimple and acne problem. Makeup products contain chemical and oil it may increase the problem of acne and pimple so next time when you want to hide the problem of acne then use natural products.

There are so many natural ingredients available in over home and kitchen that helps to disappear pimple and acne and make skin healthy and clean. It may also help to reduce acne also. These products are purely natural.  Some oils are also work well on acne and pimple problem and help to get rid out of from this problem. This oil is purely natural ingredients and we can easily use these products to hide the problem of acne and pimple.

Best and very effective oil is Oregano Oil to get rid out of from the problem of acne and pimple. It’s a best oil to avoid acne and pimple and it may make your problem disappear. It’s too easy to use this oil at home with simple and few tricks and tips here some simple idea to use oregano oil to remove pimple and acne problem.


Oregano Oil for acne:

  • Castor oil with carrier oil: it’s a simple way to use Oregano Oil for acne. Just take some carrier oil or olive oil and then mix Oregano Oil and mix all them well and apply on face or on effected area and leave it for whole night. At morning rinse out it may give you effected result and avoid all the skin issue like acne and there marks.


  • Oregano Oil with water: take a small bowl and pour 2 tbs of Oregano Oil and then mix some drop of water and mix it well and then take a cotton ball and dip this unto oil and apply this cotton ball on face till the skin observe all the oil and whole oil, after that remove the cotton. it may give you better result on face acne problem and also remove scare, it’s a best way to remove acne and there scare and its suitable for sensitive skin also.


  • Oregano Oil: it’s also a simple method to remove the problem of acne and there scare. Just take little bit of Oregano Oil and then massage on effected area for few min and then leave it for whole night at morning u can get instant and better effect on pimple and acne problem.


So there are various ways to use Oregano Oil to treat the problem of acne. You can also use this in face mask and pack. So it may also give u better result on face problem like acne.


Precautions using Oregano Oil:

  • Always remember when you apply this oil it may not touch your eyes and sensitive area of face.
  • If you are pregnant then always use this oil with this prescription of doctor.
  • If you are going to intake this oil then always consort doctor first.
  • Be careful before using this oil sometime this oil may irritate your skin also.


So there are so many use of Oregano Oil and side effect also so be carefully use this oil. And if it may suit your skin it will give you a better result on acne and pimple problem and make skin healthy and clear.

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