Is Okra Helpful To Treat Diabetes

Is Okra Helpful To Treat Diabetes

Introduction : What is Okra

Okra is a good vegetable. We also known it by the name of Lady’s Finger. The scientific name is Abelmoschus esculentus. We can use it in vegetables and eat it in raw stage. It grows in warm and tropical area. It’s plants dark green in colour. We are used it’s pods in vegetables. Okra pods has length 5-15 cm. Okra pods are prepared in 40 to 60 days. We used it’s pods in vegetables. Okra have many Vitamins, fiber and nutrients. Each of them are good for health.


How okra helps to fit and active our body–

Okra pods have many vitamins, fiber and minerals. Some of them are here:

Vitamin A: Okra have rich source of vitamin A. It help to maintained skin bright.

Vitamin C: It’s also good source of vitamin C. It has many anti-oxidant vitamins who devlop immunity and protect our body from diseases.

Vitamin K: We don’t forget about vitamin k who devlop bones and make blood cotting enzymes.

Minerals: okra pods are good source of minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium that helps to keep human body active and fight from many diseases.

Dietary fiber : Okra pods have fiber that help to digest the food and help to maintain our body in active form.

Okra also have many nutriens which help to keep our body healthy.

Okra help us to fight from Diabetes. Yes it is true that okra help to fight against diabetes, but first we want to know about diabetes ,


What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is known as that our body has lot’s of blood sugar that stop to fight against glucose. It helps our body to keep active and fight from many diseases. So we need sugar as glocose that help us, because glocose always keep us active and far away from diseases.


Diabetes have 3 conditions:–

Type 1 : In diabetes type 1 our body doesn’t produce insulin which raises sugar in blood.

Type 2 : Insulin is not generated in right proportion. Thus our blood sugar level are gone high. 90% diabetes people are type 2 patients. So it is common disease of diabetes.

Type 3 :In thiis type only pregnancy females. we called it gestational diabetes.

Diabetes is dangerous for us. We take many medicines to fight from diabetes.

We take many vitamin and nutrient to fight against diabetes,but one question is always in our mind that okra help or not help us to treat from diabetes.

Lot’s of us say that okra water help to control from diabetes. It’s little true that we use okra water to control sugar level in our body.


How to make okra water or soups:–

We can take 5 -6 pods of okra and cut the end of them, now we put them in water for night. Next day we should drink the water, it’s help to fight from diabetes.


Though Okra is healthy it can’t work alone as our blood sugar level is high, and we need insulin injections to create sugar level in right position. Okra is give many vitamins and minerals to keep insulin in right figure, but it is not enough. So i think that a person who suffer from diabetes, he would not wait for anything and use insulin to control sugar level in his body. Okra have many minerals, vitamins to fight from diabetes. We can use okra in our food to get good result to our body. We don’t forget that okra is help to cover from diabetes but it is not only solutions for diabetes.

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