Introduction to Jaggery :

Taking food as per our choice and tasting sweetness is always delightful. What shall we do when we receive diabetes as an uninvited guest? The only way is attentive in choosing our food items. Diabetes mellitus is widely known as sugar diabetes or diabetes. It is a metabolic disease. When the pancreas was unable to produce the required insulin, the result will be diabetes. Regular exercises and maintaining body weight are preventive measures. A healthy diet is the most advisable prescription for the diabetes.


There is a question whether jaggary could treat diabetes. The answer is – absolutely no. diabetes patients are not advised to intake jaggery as their sugar alternate.



Jaggery is obtained from cane sugar, dates and even palm. The concentrated juice or sap in solid state forms jaggary. Sugar is also obtained from sugarcane, but it undergoes some process. Jaggary contains essential nutrients and it is an advisable remedy for iron deficiency.

Jaggey added taste to your food and at the same time is full of nutritional value. Jaggery can be treated as a medicine in case of acidity. It is a sweetening agent and boosts up your energy. Jaggery available in different flavors has many healthy benefits like simply works as a cleansing agent for your internal organs and acts as a digestive agent. It cleans your food pipe, stomach, lungs, intestines and respiratory tracts.

But here a question arises. Inspite of being so healthy is jaggery good for diabetic patient? The answer to your question is below.


Why Jaggery is not recommended for diabetes?

Jaggery has a lot of health benefits. But diabetes patients should stay away from jaggary. Jaggary contains 50% of its composition with 20% of moisture.

  • It contains more number of calories. When it is consumed, it will increase the blood sugar level rapidly.


  • Jaggary is equal to refined sugar, they differ only in colour when comes to diabetes. Sugar might contain some chemicals due to the refining process. Jaggary is better than sugar, but not recommended for diabetes.


  • When the glucose amount is high, it results in more glycemic index. Glycemic index is the rate of absorption of sugar in one’s blood. Jaggary has a high glycemic index as in sugar. Both are similar in the index.


  • Jaggary has complex sucrose and when consumed it will increase sugar level slowly but reaches top within an hour.


What happens when blood sugar level increase?

The increase in blood sugar in advanced level leads to coma and death.


Remedies for diabetes:

It is to be noted that diabetes could not be cured completely. Once it comes, it will stay with one lifelong. But it can be controlled.

  • Consulting a doctor and following proper healthy diet will maintain the blood sugar level in control.


  • Intake of food that maintain proper sugar level is advisable.


  • Avoiding food with high level of sucrose and glucose.


  • Regular exercise and brisk walking will burn calories and help in maintaining sugar level.


  • If one is at the extreme stage of diabetes should avoid sugar and jaggary, even as an ingredient.


What to do when tempted more to taste sugar?

Just taste a tiny bit of jaggary, not sugar. And immediately start to walk for 15 to 20 minutes to burn the calories; walking is must.


Note : Jaggary is not advisable to diabetes. Consult a doctor to maintain the proper sugar level through healthy diet.

We have tasted sweetness a lot in our lifetime. What is there when we avoid taking sweet from now. There will be so many sweet incidents to come if we avoid the sweetener.

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