Is it true homeopathy is best to treat grey hair?

Is it true homeopathy is best to treat grey hair?

Nowadays hair problems are very common at every age. The main reason of that is improper diet, heredity, pollution, stress etc. We need to take care of our diet and little change is requires in life. Although greying of hair is not a problem of young age it occurs after the age of 35 but today it is not true. There are also several treatments are available in market but not works for permanent treatment. So if you want permanent treatment for it then homeopathy is best medicine which does not have any side effects.


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Reasons for greying:-

  • Lack of iron, iodine, vitamin B.
  • Over using of heating products.
  • Stress
  • Using of chemical product like shampoo, hair dyes, hair colours etc.
  • Heredity
  • Due to cold


How homeopathy is best?
Today homeopathic medicines is adopted by everyone because of its so many benefits and the main benefit o it is i does not have any side effect. It is totally made up of natural substances. It treats you slowly but definitely treats the disease.


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Some homeopathic medicines:-

  • Natrum Mur: – This medicine is used for treat grey hair and also helpful for weak and anaemic persons. Natrum Mur helps to increase the immunity and reduces greying of hair.


  • Vinca Minor: – homeopathic medicine is best for stopping greying of hair. Homeopathic medicines are best for treating grey hair. And also a best option for other hair problem.


  • Silicea: – silicea is very beneficial for treating greyØ hair problem. It’s also very beneficial for other things like it improves the digestive system, absorptive quality of intestines.


  • Lycopodium Clavatum: – This medicine is best for pre-senility and for treating premature greying of hair.


Important tips to prevent greying of hair

  • Do not use chemical products because they cause damages your hair results greying of hair, hair loss, dry hair etc.
  • Avoid heating products due to excess heat your hair damages like direct sunlight, heating tools etc.
  • Try to include healthy food in your diet like green veggies, fruits and dry fruits. Try to avoid junk food, caffeine and alcohol.
  • If you want to do swimming then wear swimming cap while swimming.
  • Stress is also one of the main reason for greying of hair and other health problems


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Premature greying of hair problem increases through past several years. Main reason of this problem is due to several reason not a particular problem increases this problem. And this problem is not only increases in one day but it is a problem from long time and increases day by day. So if you want to get rid of they just want to take care of simple things like diet, eating proper nutritional food, less use of chemical product, uses mild shampoo etc. If you care them for starting then you do not want to face this problem ever. And homeopathy is best because it does not have any side effect and made from natural substance. So if you have this type of problem then you should try homeopathy medicines which are very effective.


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