What is Earl Grey Tea?

Earl Grey Tea has been applied to black teas which contain bergamot oil as flavor. It is a blend with citrus flavor from the extract from the bergamot orange. It has been named after the British Prime Minister Charles Grey.


Types of Earl Grey:

The various types of Earl Grey Tea is called as ‘Lady Grey’ – Lavender Lady Grey and Citrus Lady Grey are the two kinds in its form. French Earl Grey blends with Rose petals. Russian Earl Grey contains lemon grass and citrus peels with bergamot. Earl Green tea with Green Tea leaves, Earl White Tea with White tea leaves are also its forms with bergamot flavour. Rooibos Earl Grey is used in South Africa replacing conventional black tea.

Twining reformulation of Earl Grey tea has gained more negative comments by the protest group on website.


Earl Grey in Alcoholic Preparation:

Earl Grey tea was used as a mixture in drinks, gin in particular. It was similar to Irish Coffee, which is not being practiced nowadays. The bergamot oil applied to skin results in increasing redness when exposed to ultraviolet rays; but oral consumption is different. Bergamot contains 6’,7’ – dihyroxybergamottin that gives the effect of grapefruit juice that would affect metabolism. It was recorded in a case study that a person has consumed four liters of Earl Grey tea per day resulted in muscle cramps. In him, bergamot oil functioned as potassium channel blocker. His stage was reduced when the consumption level was reduced to one litre per day.


Is Earl Grey Tea safe for Pregnant Women?

The Earl Grey Tea has been named under restricted teas for Pregnant women. Due to the ingredients and the way of action and reaction in the body after intake of the tea, the tea has been restricted to pregnant women. However there is a talk that Earl grey Tea can be consumed in moderation that is to 4 tea cups a day. And recommends choosing Earl Grey decaffeinated tea which is a combination of black tea leaves and bergamot oil extracts that is citrus in nature. The citrus extract chemicals combine with tea leaves and give such a flavor. Also the twining has gained the positive side to pregnant women. Although there are contradict views and results in drinking Earl Grey Tea, please consult your doctor. That is the only source to safeguard your baby.


Caution for mothers to-be- :

The food that intake is responsible for the growth of your child. And you would be responsible for the unfortunate circumstances that relates with miscarriages. Due to the food intake and hard works such undesired results happen. Women who are in the family way are asked to avoid caffeinated drinks. There is a huge and acceptable list for pregnant women what to avoid during their pregnancy. Earl Grey Tea secures a place in the list. If you can’t leave or forget coffee or tea, consult your doctor and take very very limited amount of the desired one. More than 300 mg of Caffeine cause negative results as miscarriages and very low birth weight. But, it would be safe, as a mother sacrifice your taste bud for your child, temporarily for some months. After a healthy labour and the stage after breast feed, who would restrict you from your favourite Teas?


Safe teas :

Ginger tea, Peppermint tea, Dandelion Tea, Rooibos Tea and Raspberry Leaf Tea after 24 months are said to be safe for pregnant women.


Teas to Avoid:

Earl Grey Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, Lapsang Souchong Tea, Chai Tea, Oolong Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Nilgiris Tea, Lychee Tea, Hong Mao Tea and Golden Monkey Black Tea are some of the teas to be avoided by the pregnant ladies.


Note: Consult your doctor for every piece you intake. Controlling your taste buds is necessary for the welfare of your child. Kindly take the first step of your motherhood with this simple sacrifice, dear ones!


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