Is Dandruff Caused By Fungal Infection?

Is Dandruff Caused By Fungal Infection?

When skin becomes extremely dry or oily then it starts to shed dead skin flakes. Especially, the scalp gets affected as it is not always possible to clean the hair. This gives rise to dandruff, though it is caused due to several reasons.

One of the reasons you can indeed be sure about the fungal infection. Yes, dandruff is caused by fungal infection. Let us pave through the detail.


How fungal infection grows on scalp???

Fungal infection starts growing on the scalp in the form of a pimple. Gradually the pimple increases in size and takes the shape of a large patch. This fungus then enters into the fibres of the hair where it is sourced. The hairs in that place start becoming weaker and thus break off. Normally, the fungus turns patchy and reaches at a level where it wears off. While wearing off, the dead skin keeps coming out as dandruff.

Some people are highly sensitive to fungus. Slightest touch of the yeast formation may cause heavy dandruff. You would observe that the scalp is becoming better in the summer months rather than winter. Usually, fungal infection takes place in winters. In summer the ultraviolet rays are a nightmare for the fungus. If the dandruff is caused due to the fungus then you are more likely to be allergic to extreme cold and dryness.

It has been found out that the fungus which affects the scalp is actually generated as yeast like and it is scientifically known as malassezia globosa. This fungus is present on the scalp always. Once it is activated it starts to feed on the skin oils, thus creating a dry patch.

The malassezia fungus secretes certain enzymes called lipases. These lipases act as a catalyst adding to the activation of metabolism of the oils. The oils give rise to oleic acid which directly enters into the skin and enhances the shedding of the skin cells. Thus dandruff is formed.


How to get rid of the fungal dandruff???

Generally, fungal infection is caused due to deficiency of zinc and omega 3 fatty acids. The vitamins are also included in the deficiency part. You need to compensate for these elements in your body so that the fungus cannot attack you. You may consult a physician and take tablet supplements for this purpose. Else you can also take care of this deficiency naturally. The latter one is mostly preferred.

Omega 3 fatty acids can be taken in the form of fish oil. Take heavy amount of vegetables to fill the space created due to lack of vitamins. Take foods which contain zinc pyrithione as it is extremely helpful in alleviating fungus issues.

Sometimes irregular shampooing can also be the cause of fungus action. You have to use shampoo on a regular basis. While shampooing, note to make the best use of the lather formed. As you have to cleanse the scalp, it is necessary to exercise on the lather for several minutes. Do shampooing frequently.

Fungus is easily counter-acted by the ultraviolet rays. Hence try to step out in the light sun to get the warmth so that the fungus is not activated. The fungus is present in every individual’s scalp but does not do any harm unless encouraged. So it is better to keep it in sleep mode. Take a short walk in the sun to receive the rays in the lightest manner. If you have the fear to get tanned, then you can use a sunscreen of good SPF and manage the sun rays.


Dandruff due to fungal infection if not taken care of, at the correct time then it can grow to the skin also. Therefore take strict care of the condition before it expands its limit.

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