Is Carrot Juice Helpful To Treat Acne?

Is Carrot Juice Helpful To Treat Acne?

Acne and pimple are some common problem today. It’s too common for youth and young to see this problem on face. The mazer reason of having pimple and acne is pollution, dust and unhealthy diet. Some time the hormonal issues are also a mazer reason of having this problem. It’s so common to face this problem. Some time we try some medicinal and some cosmetic treatment to treat this problem but all goes wrong when you use these treatment because it contain chemical and when we apply these thinks on face we make over trouble double.

If you want a better and effective result on pimple problem then it’s always good that we use some simple and effective home remedies to treat this problem and one of best remedy is carrot juice. Yes… we all love to drink carrot juice but it’s also good for skin and mostly for acne problem. Today we can use carrot juice in various ways to treat the problem of acne.


Carrot Juice to treat acne:

  • In face pack: in over regular face pack we can use carrot juice at the place of rose water or water. If we use this rather then this we can get instant and better relief and it will reduce the problem of acne and pimple. To use this take some face powder and mix carrot juice into this and make a thick paste and apply this paste on face and leave it till it get dry and then rinse out with using water and get instant glowing and clear skin.


  • As cleanser: we can also use carrot juice as an cleanser. To make your homemade cleanser take some carrot juice and then mix sea salt into this and apply this mixture on face and then rub genteelly for few min and after that leave it for few min and then rinse out. It may clean all the skin pores and make skin clear and pimple free.


  • Acne cap: to apply this method we need only carrot juice and it’s so easy and simple to use this just take little bit of carrot juice and then apply on effected area and leave this for whole night and then at morning rinse out with using normal water. Regular use of this juice can make your skin brighter and clear and reduce the entire skin problem also.


Benefits of carrot juice:

  • Vitamin A: vitamin A is so good for over health and skin and it make skin healthy and bones stronger. We found rich amount of vitamin A in carrot and we take a regular amount of vitamin A in over food then it makes your skin healthy and shiny.


  • Vitamin C: we all know that there are so many healthy benefits of vitamin c. it’s very good for skin and hair and we found rich amount of vitamin c is carrot which is very good for you and if we eat regular carrot or drink carrot juice then it make your skin healthy and clean and reduce all the skin problem also.


  • Potassium: potassium is so good for health. If we face the lack of potassium in over body then we face the problem of dry skin, pimple and acne. So next time if you face any kind of problem then use carrot juice to treat this problem and drink carrot juice of eat carrot regular.


So there are so many healthy benefits of carrot juice for skin and health also. It works well on all type of skin problem and reduce the problem of acne and pimple.

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