Is Beer Actually Good For Your Hair?

Is Beer Actually Good For Your Hair?

Shine, glowing and beautiful hair is everyone desires we try various products and saloon treatment to make over hair beautiful and shine. Some time we use chemical products and shampoo and some time we take saloon spa treatment to make over hair beautiful abut we don’t found any best result with all these, there is a solution that make your hair beautiful. Researcher say and you also hear that beer is good for hair and make hair beautiful and straight, shine. People use to wash hair with using beer. Some people say that it’s really effective and some say it’s not as much as effective on hair and don’t give any best result. But the truth is beer is good for your hair it makes hair shine and straight and avoids various hair problems and the reason behind this is the products that are used in beer. Beer is making with grain and that’s very good for us.

Beer reduce the problem of fizzy hair and helps hair to keep healthy and also avoid various hair problem like hair loss and gray hair and make hair straight and shine naturally you can also use beer to wash hair and make your hair shine and healthy naturally


Benefits of beer:

Beer is good for hair we found rich amount of silica in beer that’s very good for hair and we also found vitamin B, iron, copper, phosphorus and magnesium into this and it’s good for hair. When we provide such type of healthy benefits to hair then over hair keep healthy and naturally glowing and reduce the entire hair problem. When you hair get proper moisture with these minerals and vitamins then it helps you to grow hair faster.


How to wash hair with beer:


  1. Beer bottle:

 How to use: to wash hair with beer first wash your hair with shampoo and then apply conditioner on hair and leave conditioner on hair for few min and then rise out the hair with using beer remember that beer can reach tour scalp and then wrap the hair instantly on towel and leave this as it was for few min and the wash out with plane water after some time.


  1. Beer bottle for hair wash:


  • Essential oil
  • Water
  • Beer
  • vinegar

 How to use: take a bowl and pour some oil and vinegar, water and then last mix beer and apply this mixture on hair from roots to hair massage of some time and the leave it on hair for some time and the rinse out with normal water. It will make hair shine and glowing and provide proper moisture and mineral to hair and reduce the problem of fizzy hair and make hair shine and thick.


 Other beer products:

There are so many other beer products are also available in market. If you don’t use beer directly then you can also use these products for hair.


  • Beer shampoo: there are various beer products available in market for hair, beer shampoo is one of them it’s make hair smooth and shine and reduce the entire hair problem.


  • Beer conditioner: to make hair softer and shine there are also beer conditioner available at market when we use this with shampoo then it provide hair more healthy benefits and reduce the problem of hair loss and make hair shine and healthy naturally.


So next time when you go to take any saloon treatment for fizzy and dull hair then avoid these costly treatment and try beer hair wash to make your hair beautiful and shine naturally healthy.

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