How you can apply the same lipstick again?

How you can apply the same lipstick again?

Usually we have so many lipsticks but when talk about a particular lip colour then it is different thing. If you are bored of using the same lip colour then you can try different ways to apply the same colour with different joy. If you have any dark lipstick then you can apply it in many different ways.

Here we explain some ways to try this at home and to look fabulous.

• Use lip tint :-

1. We always use lipstick when going out or going in a party, but there are lip tints are also available in market for the everyday make up. But we do not know about this.

2. After applying lip tint now it’s time to create base for the lip make up by applying foundation and compact to make them dry. After applying it apply moisturizer to make your lips even and we can easily apply lipstick.

3. Take your favourite lip colour on you fingure and gently apply it on your lip.

• Using lip stain:-

1. In this method you only want to take lip stain in place of lip tint. This is little bit different from lip tint like lip stain is stronger than lip tint and gives you darker colour.

2. Take your lipstick, but for applying you want to use thin lip brush. If it is not available then you can also use eye shadow brush.

3. After that apply the coat of the lipstick as you want. For the neat and final touch you can also apply double coat of the lipstick.

4. At last take a tissue and gently rub it on lips for the perfect finish.

• Using lip gloss:-

1. Apply the lip gloss on the lips to make them smooth and soft.

2. Take a lip gloss and apply it to make your lips glossy or you can also apply lip gloss on the centre of the lip to make them more attractive and beautiful.

These are few tricks that are useful if are lipstick lover and also add new twist and turn to be fashionable and attractive. And easily ready for all the party and any occasion.

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