How To Use Olive Oil To Treat Dandruff?

How To Use Olive Oil To Treat Dandruff?

Olive oil is a boon for skin and hair care. There is no doubt that olive oil gives the positive result always regardless of the skin and hair type. The main issue of hair care is dandruff. If the hair is left unattended, then the growth of dandruff is affirmed. Once the dandruff starts forming then it is difficult to eradicate the issue.

Hence various ways are covered to handle the dandruff concern. One of them is the treatment of olive oil. The treatments which are olive oil based are fruitful in any way you like. Many remedies are there owing to the treatment of dandruff in the scalp.


Soak overnight:

Olive oil is quite easy to use. One of the simple methods is to soak your scalp with the oil. If your scalp is too dry which can give rise to early dandruff then this method should be appropriate to you. Divide your hair into thin sections so that the scalp is really visible. Apply the olive oil on the visible scalp and then proceed to the next section. Repeat in such manner to cover up the entire scalp. Now the scalp is soaked completely and you have to keep this condition overnight. Use a shower cap to cover the head so as not to tinge your bed sheets. This must stay on your scalp at least for eight to ten hours.

Wash the scalp thoroughly with your regular shampoo. The wash should be quite thorough as a little portion of the oil should not be left on it. Else it may reoccur into dandruff. So take enough time to rinse off.


Hot oil massage:

For average amount of dandruff formation hot oil massage suits the scalp. Wet your hair with normal water. Take about three caps of olive oil in a container and make it a little warm. Soak a cotton ball with the warm water and apply on the scalp by dividing it into small sections. You can also apply with your fingers normally. Note that the warm oil should not be applied on the hair directly. It would strip out the hair from the root while making it more brittle.

Cover your head with a shower cap to retain the oil on the scalp. Keep as such at least for three hours. The warm oil soaked for three hours will work as the normal oil soaked for eight hours. Wash off using your regular anti dandruff shampoo by rinsing meticulously. Strong dandruff free hair will be obtained.


Olive oil with vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar with olive oil is a good composition for cleansing the scalp and frees the hair from greasiness. Thus the dull roots get rejuvenated in few days giving rise to stronger and denser hair. Take a container. Add two spoons of apple cider vinegar and water. Again add two spoons of olive oil to it. Stir a little to get the uniform combination of the mixture.

Make your hair damp and apply the mixture on the scalp by gently massaging. Cover the entire scalp through deep massage with your fingers. Now such condition is to be left undisturbed for about twenty to thirty minutes. Then shampoo as normal.

You can try any of these treatments to cure dandruff. Always remember to have any of the massage before you go for a shampoo. Moreover it is better to maintain a healthy regimen to stay internally fit so that these treatments using olive oil would easily work on the scalp. If the hair is dandruff free then other issues related to it can be comfortably wiped out. So stay happy with your beautiful hair and thanks to olive oil.

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