How To Use Hair Straightening Cream

How To Use Hair Straightening Cream

Long and straight hair is always been in trend Straight hair suit on every face type. Every woman has an intense desire to have straight hair. But it is also true that most of us are not blessed with natural straight hair. Are you fed up with your curls? There are number of ways to straight it. It is very necessary to manage your hair well. There are two kinds of treatments which you can take for straightening hair Salon treatment and home remedies. Where salon treatment gives you a permanent effect for a long time, on the same way home treatment does not have any side effect at all.


Disadvantages of salon straight treatment:-

When you go to salon for straightening process, your hair pass through several hair styles tools like iron, dryer and straightened. Although these tools give you a smooth and straight hair for a year but due to your hair may dry and weak. Harsh chemicals in hair straightening cream can damage your scalp. Hair start to fall very soon and there is no doubt that it is a very serious problem for your hair. Besides this, salon treatment offers an extra burden, on your pocket because you have to pay a lot of money for straightening in salon. Simply, you damage hair yourself by spending a lot of money.

Being up to date is not bad but you should be concerned about health of your hair. I agree that you are fed up with your curls and waves. Sometimes you feel very embracing to see your curls and try to cut it off. You go to the parlour, spend a lot of money and also use harmful chemical hair products for straightening your hair. But all these things affect hair badly. So i shall not suggest you to take much hair salon. You may try home remedies for straightening. The most important benefit of using homemade creams is that it does not have any side effect on hair. You can use some natural hair masks for this purpose.

Hair masks can be made by simple natural ingredients. You can find them in your kitchen easily. You can also prepare your own hair straightening cream at home by following some simple steps. Preparation of hair straightening cream is very easy and does not require any dexterous skill.


Ways To Use Hair Straightening cream:-

  • Homemade hair straightening cream does not have any side effect and is very effective. Before going straightening hair you need to clean your head well. So wash your hair with shampoo and water easily.


  • After this, wrap a towel around hair so that it can absorb water from hair when your hair become completely dry then combs your hair once.


  • Take some hair straightening cream in your palm, rub it with your both hands and apply it on hair properly. Always try to take a little amount of cream. You may increase its quantity according to your need afterwards.


  • Distribute this cream uniformly on your hair by your fingers. You may take a hair brush for this purpose as hair brush can distribute cream more effectively rather than your fingers. Keep brushing until whole cream is distributed on hair well.


  • Now divide your hair into small sections using hair pins.


  • Allow your hair to dry.


  • Now take a dryer and move it on your hair gently. You can use a round brush while moving dryer to get a straight look. Keep the dryer over the brush. In this way heat of dryer will seat on your hair, after this you may get a desired style and it removes your all waves and curls.


  • Keep brushing and dryer until you get fully dry hair.


  • Repeat the same procedure for other sections too.


If you don’t like to go to salon, you may try this at your home. In this way you get a perfect salon straight hair.

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