How To Use Hair Oils To Cure Dandruff?

How To Use Hair Oils To Cure Dandruff?

Dandruff can of course be treated using different hair care products and ingredients. Any shampoo, conditioner, anti dandruff lotions can be used to remove dandruff completely. Just imagine that you are able to keep dandruff at distance by using minimum number of ingredients or may be only one or two products. Yes, it is possible. Hair oils can easily get you rid of dandruff if used in the correct manner.

There are various kinds of oil. All oils are fruit ful if used properly. Oil massage can help cure dandruff in a remarkable way.


Coconut oil:

Pure coconut oil is effective alone to remove dandruff issue. This oil has moisturising property which is an essential factor to stop dandruff to reappear. If the scalp is hydrated then there is no issue of growth of dandruff. The coconut oil is especially used for hair turning brittle due to dandruff.

Take coconut oil in a clean container as per your requirement. Warm it and then massage the oil on the scalp when warm. The oil is more effective in this condition. Make sure you cover the entire scalp massaging through the roots of the hair. Keep it overnight or at least for three to four hours and then wash off with your regular shampoo.


Olive oil:

Olive oil is considered as edible oil and it is also good enough for hair care. Acute dandruff can be cured with regular usage of olive oil. It bears moisturising qualities which help in keeping the moisture balance of the scalp intact.

Warm the olive oil in a container and massage through your scalp. Leave it as such for about three hours. If you are using the oil in normal condition, that is, without warming, then keep it overnight. Wash off the hair in normal water by thoroughly rinsing with a mild shampoo. After two to three washes you can observe the difference.


Tea tree oil:

Dandruff often leads to itchy and dry scalp and vice versa. Hair may grow brittle if dandruff continues on the scalp. The tea tree oil comes with anti fungal and anti microbial agents which enhance the protection against dandruff. The oil comprises the quality of both herbal and organic shampoos.

To include the tea tree oil into your routine, you can use the oil in regular way as you like. This oil does not need to be warmed for using. Normally, you can take the oil and massage it on the scalp and then wash off as usual. Make this a routine to obtain effective results.


Jojoba oil:

When the sebaceous glands do not secrete enough sebum then the scalp turns dry and hence the foundation is laid for the growth of dandruff. The jojoba oil compensates for the potion and stands affront to fight the dandruff. It is grandly recommended by every dermatologist.

Take few drops of jojoba oil and massage on the scalp gently. Cover the roots of the hair and then wrap your hair with a warm towel at least for ten minutes. Wash off with a mild shampoo after two to three hours. Include this in your normal hair care routine.


Rosemary oil:

This essential oil is highly beneficial for treating dandruff. You may have noticed that any hair care product you buy would contain rosemary oil as an essential ingredient. It is qualitative to use as a medicine for treating dandruff.

This oil is used in dilute condition. Mix this with your shampoo and rinse on the scalp. Wash off and pat dry. You can even use water to dilute the oil. Unlike other oils you do not need to massage this oil and keep it for some time. It gives early effect and hence less effort and time is required to use this oil.


Hence any oil you use, it must be suitable to your scalp. Give it a proper way so as to get rid of dandruff completely.

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