How To Use Coconut Oil To Treat Acne?

How To Use Coconut Oil To Treat Acne?

Coconut is a best product that is use in word wide in eating and for applying. The coconut oil id very good for skin, hair and health there are so many healthy benefits of coconut oil. All the parts of coconut are very good to use. We found various abstracts from coconut like coconut water, coconut milk, oil, coconut (white part for eat) and many more. So basically coconut is best for all type of use. Coconut oil is widely use in all over the India. In south coconut oil is use to make food and at north its use to apply on hair. There are so many healthy benefits of coconut oil its use for so many thinks and treatment. Acne is mazer problem in youth and the try so many thinks to treat this problem some time the take cosmetic treatment and medicine but all goes worthless there is a better option also that’s coconut oil. It’s a great moisturizer for skin and best for acne and pimple marks. There is so many other uses and benefits of coconut oil also that is very good for skin and acne problem here are some more healthy benefits of coconut oil for acne, pimple and scare.


Use Coconut Oil To Treat Acne:

To use coconut for acne we can use this as an acne mask.

  • aloe juice
  • Coconut oil.
  • honey

How to make and use: take a bowl and then take some coconut oil in this and then mix one tbs or honey and 2 tbs of aloe Vera juice and mix this well and after that apply this mask on face and rest for 20 min and then rinse out with Luke warm water.


Coconut oil for acne scare: if you have acne and scare then its best for you. If you are facing the problem of acne scare and it’s too difficult for you to remove this then coconut oil is best remedy to remove this take little bit of coconut oil and apply this on effected area and massage for some time and then leave this for whole night and at morning rinse out. Regular using coconut oil make your skin scare free and remove acne problem and make skin smooth and soft and clear.


Coconut Oil in Acne Treatment:

 There are so many healthy benefits found in coconut oil here are some.


Vitamin E: we found very rich amount of vitamin E in coconut oil which is very good for skin. Vitamin E makes your skin clear and cleans the pores. So it’s good to treat acne and pimple problem.


Fatty Acids: we found good and rich amount of fatty acid in coconut oil Lauric Acid and Capric Acid in coconut oil. These are those acids which found in breast milk to protect baby from infection and other bad thinks. So coconut oil is good for your skin and makes your skin healthy and beautiful naturally.


Anti-Inflammatory: coconut oil is so light in texture and good for skin when we apply this on skin it will easily observed into the skin and make skin naturally soft and smooth and remove all the scare and acne from skin by cleaning them from their roots.


 Other benefits and use of coconut oil:

  • It’s a best remedy for acne remove.
  • Remove acne scare and blemish.
  • Good for fighting aging sings. Remove wrinkles and make skin tighter and brighten and clear.
  • Remove all type of sun burn sings.
  • If you are burned anywhere on skin then applying coconut oil can remove all the scare of burn.
  • Good for health if we use this to make food.

So there are various healthy benefits of coconut oil on acne and pimple problem.

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