How To Select A Foundation For Acne Prone Skin

How To Select A Foundation For Acne Prone Skin

Foundation is the most promising part of the makeup that helps to give a perfect flawless looks. But if you have an acne prone skin then selection of foundation should be careful. A wrong selection can negatively impact your skin and can cause even severe acne. But it does not mean that sensitive or acne prone skin beauties cannot use foundation. They can, but what it needs is only careful and knowledgeable selection of the base makeup. Basically acne is caused when the foundation applied over your skin causes clogging of pores. So you need to select the foundation that does not get your skin pores clogged.


Although acne occurs in our very internal part of skin and is an inflammatory issue. So makeup does not causes acne basically but it can cause increase in infection or inflammation on the skin. So for a woman with acne prone skin, you should avoid choosing low quality foundations. You should know what type of ingredients are good for your skin and what are not.


Here are some important tips for acne prone skins that you should keep in mind while choosing foundations:


  • Most important thing is knowing that synthetic colors are not good for acne prone skin. These can cause more inflammations on your skin and even may worsen the condition of acne. So avoid foundations that include synthetic colors.


  • It is most probable that if you have acne then texture of your skin would be oily. So you should avoid using oily foundations and should go for matte foundation. Matte foundations will give your skin a beautiful mortifying finish while also preventing oil from skin.


  • If you are going to use mineral foundation then you should keep in mind that the minerals like zinc oxide, iron oxide, mica& titanium oxide are very good for your skin. So you can choose the mineral foundation that includes all such minerals.


  • Water based foundations are also suitable for an acne prone skin. Water based foundations also don’t clog the pores of skin therefore you can go opt a good water based foundation as well.


  • Make sure that your foundation include SPF content as it will protect your skin from Sun damage.


  • Avoid choosing cream foundation as cream based foundations are thick so your skin will not have proper breathing. For this purpose liquid foundations should be opted.


  • Dermatological tested foundations are best to use. Since tested foundations can never harm any skin type.


  • Also while applying you should also make sure that you don’t apply too much amount of foundation. Just use the amount of foundation that you think is very much necessary.


  • Be careful about the hygiene while applying foundation. Avoid using fingers on face. Make use of clean sponge or brush.


  • Make sure that the foundation you are using has not been expired. Check out expiry date over foundation before you apply it.



A Few Top Foundations For Acne Prone Skin


MAC – Studio Fix Fluid

MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid foundation is one of the best product for an acne prone skin. It is a matte foundation consisting of SPF 15 content that protects your skin from various Sun and inflammatory damages.


L’Oreal – True Match Mineral Foundation

This is a mineral foundation offered by L’Oreal and is perfectly suitable for most acne prone skins. It consists of skin softening and soothing minerals that are known for their safety for sensitive skins.


Revlon – Colorstay Mineral Mousse

Mineral Mousse by Revlon is another perfect foundation for acne prone skin. It is lightweight Mousse that will give your skin a soft texture along with perfect matte finish.


By keeping all these things in mind you can protect your skin from various inflammations caused due to foundations.

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