How To Remove And Reduce Facial Scars

How To Remove And Reduce Facial Scars

Facial scars is very stubborn, they cannot remove easily. But doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to rid it faster. To redemption from scars there is a long list of remedies. It’s up to you what wants to choose cosmetic creams or home remedies. Some of effective creams like Sebamed Clear Face Cleanser, Shahnaz Husain ShaGrain – Dermabrasive Treatment Cream. Mederma Skin Care Cream, No Scars Cream for scars etc. they are action remedy for hyper pigmentation that helps to alleviate scars, blemishes, marks, post-pimple scars, dark circles under the eyes, stretch scars, and burn scars.


  • The True miracle tenor ‘Olive Oil’– Olive oil has the real properties of non-comedogenic and scars removing. It’s a best remedy to get rid of all skin problems. Apply it daily before you go to bad. Leave it for resumptive night and wash your face on the next morning. Stilly you get the results what you waiting for long time.


  • Sesame oil-Sesame oil is a Feeder vegetable oil which have contains of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral competence, obtain from sesame seeds. Fraction the more traditional approach to battle acne such as topical salve, which is could be harsh and absorption to already irritated skin.The major use for sesame oil is the marvellous benefits it endow the skin, from inner and outer sides both. This oil makes your skin moisturized, Acne emollient, Sunscreen lotion, anti-inflammatory, Anti-wrinkle solution, cleanser andto fight fungal infections, massage oil,sharp the skin easily and makes you beautiful as you want to be.


  • Baking soda- this is the common stuff we get easily in our kitchen. Baking soda is so good for scrub. It can remove dead cells and hard and burn skin from your face and make it flawless


  • Lime-extract- Lime has vitamin C, which is so important to improve your skin complexion and get rid from acne facial scars. Regular use of lime juice can permanently removes all the scars from your face. Take a lemon, squeezes it in a bowl and help of cotton bud apply it on the affected area, leave it for whole night or at least for 2 hour. Wash your face with the lukewarm water; never apply any harsh face wash to remove it.


  • Papaya-Honey face mask– Papayas denote not only the yummytaste and sunlight colour of the tropics, but it has huge sources of vitamin C and flavonoids, Antioxidant nutrients such as carotenes; Vitamin B, foliate and pantothenic acid; potassium, Minerals, filament, copper and magnesium. Same with Honey, it has high levels of glucose, monosaccharide’s and fructose. It will work as Anti-septic & anti-bacterial for skin malady. Now you know very well how important they are for our body and face. To make papaya honey face mask you need very few ingredient like take some papaya and mash it, put 1 tea spoon Honey on it and apply it on the face, leave it till it get dry after that remove it with normal warm water. Do this 2 times in a week for best result, if you do it in night it will be more beneficial for you.


  • Some hackneyed remedies to just avoid facial acne and scars is avoid oily and junk food, have always balanced diet.


  • Drink lots of water and fresh fruits juice.


  • Avoid sleep with make-up. Before go to bad always remove make up with olive oil.


  • Hormonal changes and age can be the reason to getting skin malady but don’t you worry and never take stress and lose confidence.

Nature gives as many gifts but we always refuse to take it and run to take chemical product for insistent result, but they can be harmful and may be it gives you forthwith solution but count on me it not lifelong. Natural remedies never have side effects and it is so suitable for all types of skin and skin maladies.

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