How To Protect Your Fair Skin From Sun Damage?

How To Protect Your Fair Skin From Sun Damage?

A skin looks fair and simple when it is kept well protected from external factors such as dust, ultraviolet rays from the sun, etc. The sun damage causes most harm to the skin when exposed without protection. The skin layer is very delicate and hence utmost care should be taken.


How to protect???

There are many ways to protect your fair skin from harmful rays of the sun but some specific ones are best to be put into action.

  • Before going out in the sun, make use of sunscreen as mandatory. When you buy the sunscreen note that you are buying a popular variety of brand that provides a shield to your skin from both the UVA and UVB rays. The cream must be applied on the exposed areas twenty minutes before going out. Check the SPA to be above thirty, because it is apt for fair skin. Moreover you must also check that whether the sunscreen is for dry or oily skin or the combination of both.


  • Even if you have applied sunscreen do not let the skin to get exposed fully to the sun. Use large hats or umbrellas to keep the skin covered.


  • The above mentioned are the ways which can be made effective while going out. It is not a guarantee that you skin is fully protected. Hence you must see that you take some extra precaution to assure your skin. Thus splatter cold water on your face to comfort your skin after reaching home. In massaging way, apply aloe vera gel on the face and neck such that it penetrates completely into the skin layer. It provides a cooling effect. For a final touch add rose water to the skin for more cooling action.


  • You can also use milk. In a bowl add milk. Add lemon juice to it along with a little bit of turmeric powder. Soak cotton with the mixture and apply in a single rotation to your face and neck. When the paste becomes dry on your skin wash with cold water. This would remove the tanning effect and make your skin brighter.


  • Cucumber face masks also give anti tanning effect. Grate a piece of cucumber and allow it to cool in the refrigerator. After cooled apply it on the face and allow it to dry. Wash it off. This will help preventing sun damage. Potato can also help. Take big sized chopped potatoes and scrub throughout your skin to give an anti tanning effect.


  • Applying some natural products on the skin before going to sleep also helps to remove tan and cure sun damage. Add little lemon juice to glycerine and apply it on the face before sleeping at night. It is very effective and you will observe that the sunburn damage is gradually healing and skin is growing healthier.


  • It is commonly believed that the sun damage is caused during the summer. No, it’s not. The sun rays are always active. Make it a practice to do all these things in every season. Only difference is that you have to note in which season your skin becomes dry or oily. Accordingly, you will have to use the face packs but do not go without an umbrella or hat.


  • Your skin will be less affected if it is taken care internally. Along with using the facial products, you can take the foods which contain high density of sunscreen properties. For example, tomato. Tomato contains an ingredient called lycopene which lessens the problems related to sun exposure. Eat lots of healthy tomatoes. Also have the foods that enclose antioxidants. These include lots of fruits and vegetables. The skin gets maximum benefit when green tea is regularly taken.


Practising the above can help you protect your skin from sun damage and anything related to that. Your skin is fair and it can be made fairer by sticking to these precautions.

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