How to prevent Lipstick from Smudging?

How to prevent Lipstick from Smudging?

As we all know, Lip stick is the main highlighter in any Woman’s makeup. Without a lip stick the makeup is not complete and meaningful. Thus, nowadays lip stick is commonly viewed as a mandatory fashion accessory that every woman must have in their bags.

Lip stick highlights your beauty and makes your face brighter and prominent. But along with “Beauty” is there any other positive things regarding lip stick? The answer is yes!! Along with beauty it adds confidence to your personality, acts as a hydrating and sunscreen tool and covers any kind of lip shapes perfectly.

Thus, every woman must know the steps for applying lip stick perfectly. In accordance to that, let us check few steps of applying the lip stick perfectly that may not smudge for hours.

For that you require the following items such as Lip primer, lip stick along with lip pencil, tissue paper, concealer or foundation and compact powder.


Let us take a look at it step by step:

Gently rub the lips

  1. Take a lip balm or lip conditioner enriched with Vitamin E or Aloe vera and gently rub it on your lips.
  2. This will make your lips very soft, hydrated and supple thus making a platform to apply other lip tool.
  3. Now apply a concealer or foundation on your lips for a flawless makeup base.
  4. This will help you to retain the lip stick color and keep it intact.


Powder your lips

  1. Apply lip pencil in the outline area of both the lips. Start from the center of upper lip and finish it on both the sides. Similarly start from the middle of the lower lip and finish it on both the sides.
  2. Now take a bright colored lipstick like red lip stick and gently apply it on your lips.
  3. Always buy bright colors with matte finish or creamy finished products.
  4. Now dab some lose powder over the two lips.
  5. Let it rest for five to ten seconds.
  6. You can also make use of transparent powder for dabbing.


Blend the powder:

  1. Now take a small flat brush and smoothly sweep around the lip areas.
  2. Do this until you get your desired matte finish.
  3. Now blend the powder with lip stick color.
  4. This trick will help sealing the color on lips and thus prevents smudging.


Blot the excess color:

  1. Now take a pure tissue paper, hold it and place it between your upper and lower lips.
  2. Blot the excess lip stick color on the tissue paper.
  3. By doing this your lip stick color may get uneven. But don’t worry. You can reapply the lip stick and finally get the same finishing.


Finishing touch

  1. Now apply the lip stick gently to adjust the uneven areas.
  2. If you are a lip gloss fan and want to expose your lips shinier then apply it only to the center of the lips.
  3. This will prevent bleeding of excess color around the lip area.

Thus, at last you will be getting a perfect long lasting smudge free lip stick color on your lips.


Special tricks:

Apart from the steps above, there are tricks which prevent smudging of lip stick. They are

  1. The best way to prevent Lip stick smudging is by applying lip primer. Lip primer acts as base for the lip color and prevents it from bleeding and holds the color for longer time.
  2. If your lip stick is uneven at your lip sides, hide that using concealer or foundation that may match your skin tone.
  3. Lip pencil or Lip liner is great choice to avoid smudging. Thus choose the exact color of lip liner just like that of the lip stick.
  4. Always make use of thin brush to smoothly rub lip stick around your lips.
  5. Make use of lip liner regularly when applying lip stick. This will give you long lasting lip stick experience even when the color fades away.

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