How to Prepare Barley Water for Weight Loss?

How to Prepare Barley Water for Weight Loss?

In this 21st century, most of the people are suffering from several problems, and these are generally related to obesity, unwanted weight gain etc. In the recent times, most of us are involved in sedentary lifestyle. This is because of the fact that our lifestyle has become so much professional, that we hardly get any time to devote ourselves. In this way, we often do not care what we are eating or what food we should eat to remain fit and healthy. And in the long run, we land ourselves in such a position that it often becomes too late to recover.

However, here is a perfect food item that can help you to lose the few extra kilos that has been troubling you lately.


How Does Barley Help In Weight Loss?

Barley water helps to reduce as much weight as weight is lost by 200 minutes of water. If you daily drink barley water you will definitely reduce a great amount of weight.


How to Prepare Barley Water:

It is always better to make barley water at home, rather than buying it from the shop. This is because, the artificial barley water contains sugar and artificial. In order to prepare barley water, do select the best brand of barley. Let us get to know the simple steps to make barley water. Take some barley and start boiling it in water, until it becomes extremely soft. After boiling, strain it and add some brown sugar to taste. You can as well add honey, for better taste as well as more health benefits. Now, to store barley water for a longer period of time, it is advised to store it in refrigerator.

There are also several other recipes of barley water. You can add 5 cups of water to it. Then add juice of 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon of honey, cinnamon stick and root ginger to it and then boil the mixture.

Always keep in mind that the flavorings you add are just optional and can be added based on your preferences.


Benefits of Barley Water for Weight Loss:

Barley water is extremely useful if you really want to set a goal of losing a great deal of weight with it. It increases the feeling of thirst also and helps you drink plenty of water a day.


How to Use Barley Water:

Well, it is quite beneficial and easy to drink at any time of the day. You can have barley water with milk in the morning. Even you can have barley water along with cereals. Let me assure you that whether you have barley water in the normal form or you take it punched with any other food item or with fruits, it will definitely help you to lose weight in any form, and take it for sure. You can mark my words, that if you take barley water for just 2 months you will start seeing the results.


What are the serious side effects Of Barley Water?

Although barley water is indispensable for weight loss, there are serious side effects too, which include the following:

  1. Formation of Intestinal Gas: Since barley is highly rich in fibers, it leads to formation of intestinal gas.


  1. Stomach upsets:Often people who have barley ever day generally suffer from stomach.


  1. Constipation:If you daily drink barley water, you will land up suffering from constipation.


  1. Rectal Bleeding:In certain cases, you suffer from rectal bleeding.


  1. Fungal Contamination: different type of fungal reaction


  1. Allergic Reactions:Sometimes, it may lead to fungal infections to lungs.


  1. Reduced Blood Sugar:Excess consumption leads to fall in blood sugar.


Although there are so many drawbacks of having barley water, you can still consume it to maintain fitness and reduce weight if you take in moderation.

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