How To Mattify A Glossy Lipstick?

How To Mattify A Glossy Lipstick?

We all love to make our lips look glossy and shiny most of the time. And why not, glossy lips are quite in fashion nowadays. But what if sometime you want to make your lips look matte. As glossy lipsticks are more popular nowadays so it can be quite difficult for you to find a desired matte lipstick in your favorite shade immediately. And mostly in summers we know that how much irritating we feel while carrying too much glossy lipsticks as these are filled with sticky content. So in such times we want to avoid glossy lipstick without avoiding lip color. In today’s article we are going to share a simple tricks which will let you mattify your existing glossy lipstick and eliminate too much stickiness thus giving your lips looks just like your matte lipstick does. So here is the complete procedure.


  • First step that is always need to be performed is to exfoliate your lips. Use a tooth brush to massage your lips in circular motion. This will help your lips to remove deal and flaky skin thus making your lips smooth, soft and fresh.


  • Hydrate you lips by massaging gently either with coconut oil or using a lip balm. Let the moisture completely absorbed by the lips so leave them for 1-2 minutes. Now check whether there is any sticky residues are left behind. If so wipe them with a paper napkin. Stickiness will not let your lipstick stay in place properly. So you need to clean stickiness completely.


  • Now apply a quality concealer to your lips to hide fine lines and creases of your lips. Concealer will help to fill cracks present on your lips so that your lipstick can evenly be applied to your lips. So don’t miss applying an appropriate concealer prior using lipstick.


  • After concealer apply a single coat of small amount of foundation to give some lasting power to your lipstick. It will also help your lipstick prevent from smudging. Foundation should be of fine quality and must be suitable to your lips. Lips are sensitive area of our body so select the products carefully.


  • Now line your lips with a perfectly sharpened lip liner. You outlined should not regular without any breaks. For best effects start outlining from center of your top lip and then move forward towards corners. Don’t forget to outline “V” shaped area of your lips.


  • After outlining, apply your favorite glossy lipstick as you usually do. Make sure not to leave any uncolored lines on your lips. For this smile and see whether there is any unfilled area, if so apply one more coat of lipstick to fill that area perfectly.


  • Next step is most important as it is where you will actually convert your glossy lipstick to matte one. Take a sponge applicator and dip it into the powder. Pat off the excessive powder from the sponge and then apply gently at the center of your lips. Now spread this powder to all the area of your lips. Make sure that there is no dry particle of the powder present on your lips. Move the applicator on your lips to spread your mattified lipstick properly.


This way you can give a matte lipstick shade to your lips from your glossy one. But remember your lipstick shade should not look like faded one rather it should look like matte shade. For this the application of powder should be careful. Hope you loved this trick and it will help you in giving desired looks to your lips. Share your view about this trick with us. We would love to hear from you.

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