How To Make Mineral Water At Home

How To Make Mineral Water At Home

Introduction : What is mineral water

What actually mineral is? It is ” An Important Nutrient Elements that Rectify A right Level in our body”. Mineral water means “A water having many nutrients like Calcium, Magnesium, Salt, Sulphur, iodine, zinc etc. It means mineral water help your body to keep active and healthy. You can get minerals from many sources like food, vegetables, fruits. Drinking of minerals containing water that means you get lot’s minerals in daily requirement.


How can minerals effect your body:

Your body requires many nutrient, One of them is Calcium.

  1. Calcium is good for health. It help to build bones strong. Help to prevent heart diseases, acidity and high blood pressure.
  2. Magnesium :Magnesium help to prevent from heart diseases, High blood pressure, Asthma and bone issues.
  3. Potassium : Potassium help to prevent from blood pressure, increase water flows in body and boost brain.
  4. Zinc: Zinc is good for health.
  5. Iodine : Iodine help to fight from many diseases.

And many other minerals are used as minerals that you use in water.


So minerals are important for you. You can get minerals from different sources like food, vegetables, fruits. Huge amount of water is the need of your body in a day. So if your water have minerals that means you get lot’s of minerals in daily requirement. A good mineral water help you to keep body active and healthly. You can get drinking water many ways like taps, wells etc. But ordinary water not enough good for health. Tap water not have lot’s of minerals but spring water have lot of minerals naturally. Lots of urban and village, there not have any springs. So you need minerals in tap water. You can buy minerals water in market as bottels. It is little expensive.

How can you make mineral water at home by using tap water. Mineral water have many mineral, so it is not easy task.

One solutions is that you can use R.O (reverse osmosis). In order to get pure and clean water you also can use water purifiers. But some people said that R.O and water purifier remove minerals from water. Is it true that these methods purifies water 100%. So the problem is that now what can you get healthy water.


Have a look over here :

  1. If you need calcium and magnesium water, use an average

1/8 teaspoon spoon salt, 1 L water and 1/8 teaspoon calcium chloride.

  1. If you need aklaline magnesium water, use an average

1 liter filtered water and 1/8 epsom salt, 1/8 teaspoon potassium bicarbonate, 1/8 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate(baking soda. Now you get Alkaline magnesium water.

Average is dippend the quantity of water.

  1. You can add minerals drops (Mineral drops are the direct minerals like zinc, iron, iodine and copper) in water and use it for drink.
  1. You can add salt in water and use it after boiling. Salt help to store minerals in water.
  1. You can add vitamins and minerals in water and use it as a mineral water.
  1. You can add chlorine to clean water and store mineral in it.

What to do when you use only tap water for drinking and don’t have water purifier?

If you use tap water First clean water and add right amount of minerals then boil it. After some time when water is good for use, now you can use it for drink water. It is easy way but R.O and water purifire are good choice. Add minerals in tap water to get good mineral water. Mineral water good for health, so remember it that always use mineral water for good health.

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