How to make bath bombs at home

How to make bath bombs at home

We all love bath bombs when we bath the make skin moisturize and smooth and make it soft and body relaxing. We can easily make these bath bombs at home it’s so easy to make this at home and so simple to use. We can just need some simple and regular ingredients to make this easily at home. There is a simple recipe to make this.

How to make it at home–it’s very easy to make bath bombs at home with few simple ingredient we can make this at many different ways.

1.Regular bath bomb–

• citric acid (powdered)
• baking soda
• cornstarch
• natural food color
• Essential oils (any type)

How to make–take a large bawl and pore citric acid, cornstarch and baking soda in this.mix that all ingredients together and use your hand to mix them properly. When the mix into each other properly then take another bowl pore water and warm it and also pore some sugar in this and stir it well. Then mix this into first bowl and pore some food color and oil in this and mix all this properly. After mixing it well take some take a mold and pore this into molds and rest for 24 hour it the dry. Don’t place the molds at cool place otherwise it may moisturize quickly. After that put out from molds and again rest and dry for 24 hours and then use these bombs for bath.

2. Homemade bath bomb–

• Baking Soda
• Citric Acid
• Corn Starch
• Essential Oil
• Simple Oil
• Food color
• Salts
• Water

How to make–take a big bowl and pour all the dry properties in this bowl.mix all the ingredients together until the mix properly and bland them together until all the properties can mix together and make a even texture blend with each other. When its complete take liquid ingredients and pore this into wet ingredients .properly pore an proper amount of liquid thinks and mix them well. When you add liquid ingredients then it converted into fume consistency. Then mix fast all the ingredients together and make a thick paste. When you add all the wet ingredients together then be careful don’t let them for to much time and take molds and put all the paste in molds. You can use different molds shape to make them these shapers are easily available at market and in different shapes when you pore this little press the mixture to set them properly and to make them tight. After that rest them for few hours and then put it out and rest till the set tighter and then your home made bath bombs are ready to use at the time of bath to take a relaxing bath and to give a proper bath.

You can easily make this bath bomb at home following these steps and make your own home made bath bombs.

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