How to Lose Weight with White Pumpkin  Juice?

How to Lose Weight with White Pumpkin Juice?

One technique to lose considerable amount of weight is white pumpkin. Well, if you have been searching for the right diet to lose that extra few kilos that have been troubling you, then you are finally at the right destination.

Now the question is how you can use pumpkin juice for weight loss. You can just go through the following paragraphs mentioned below, to find it out yourself.


What is so special about white pumpkin juice?

Pumpkin juice has been used since olden times at auspicious and traditional ceremonies. This is because, it is said that the juice of white pumpkin is considered to wade off the bad omens and negative energies. And we have often seen that white pumpkin is kept tied in front of houses of people who believe in those facts. However, coming to the scientific point of view, the juice of white pumpkin is very much rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E as well as calcium and magnesium.


What are the recipes that you can actually make from white pumpkin?

Following are some of the awesome recipes which you can make from white pumpkin and its juice, in general:


  • Mixture of apple juice and juice of white pumpkin:Well, I must mention that juice of apple and white pumpkin mixed together results in a great recipe, which is also a homemade health drink. It helps in the reduction of cholesterol, improvement of the process of digestion, reduction in blood pressure, increase in immunity to name a few.Take a fresh white pumpkin. Do cut it into small slices/pieces. Carefully remove the peel from each and every piece, you have cut. Now, just cover the pieces of white pumpkin in aluminium foil. Place the covered pieces in a baking pan. Then, preheat the whole thing for about 70-75 minutes. Now, after taking the pumpkin out, you have to let it cool. The pumpkin becomes very soft. Then slowly uncover the aluminium foil and drain out all then juice. On the other hand, take an apple and drain the juice out of it by use of a juicer. Mix both the juices and leave it for 15 minutes. Finally, it is ready to drink.


  • Pineapple juice and white pumpkin juice:This one is another great recipe like the previous one.Take a fresh white pumpkin. Cut it into smaller pieces after peeling it first. Now, place the slices in a strainer. Below this thing, place a bowl. Evenly mince the slices and squeeze out the juice from them. Then, collect it in the bowl. Filter the juice properly, with the help of a clean cloth. Filter it carefully. Now, on the other hand, take a pineapple, and after you cut it in slices, drain the juice using a juicer. Now, with the white pumpkin juice, mix the pineapple juice. In this juice, you can now add black pepper and some salt to taste it. Now, the juice is already to drink.


  • White pumpkin along with cardamom: This is an excellent fat killer. Most of us are unaware of the fact that white pumpkin along with cardamom can be a fat killer. Now let me throw some light on this exciting health drink.


As mentioned earlier, peel the white pumpkin. After cutting it into very small pieces, put in in a juicer. Add some water as well as lemon juice to it. Now let it grind for a few minutes. Finally, extract the juice from the juicer bowl carefully so as not to spill it. Now add some cardamom to it. Now, you can as well add some honey to make the taste better. Finally, mix some salt and fine black pepper to this juice. Now your ultimate health drink is ready to drink.

These were some of the best recipes that you can make from the juice of white pumpkin, and these will definitely help you to lose weight.

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