How to get silky and bouncy hair in summer?

How to get silky and bouncy hair in summer?

As the summer is approaching closer every day the weather is changing and the atmosphere is getting hotter. Hot temperature leads to loss of humidity in the atmosphere and the air becomes dry. With lots of dust and particulate matter in the atmosphere people complain a lot about Hair problems.

The increasing temperature results the body to sweat and the dust easily gets stick to the hair scalp which results in dandruff and other such problems. People complain with many problems, here is the list of some common problems every person faces.


Dry and brittle hair: Dry atmosphere removes moisture from the hair which leads to dryness of hair scalp.


Lack of shine: the same dryness makes the

  • Hair dull.
  • Limp hair.
  • Faded Hair color
  • Split ends
  • Hair fall

With these problems in common people face difficulty in pampering their hair. Here is a suggestion that can help you to cope up with these problems.


How to get silky and bouncy hairs?

Perfect silky hair not only makes your look perfect but also gives you confidence in your appearance. To get the best of it, here are the solutions to your queries-

  1. Oiling your hair: Just as plants get nourishment in the form of water and soil your hair too needs nourishment. Oil is the best solution for dry hairs. Not only this, oil gives your hair a shinny look and pampers your hair. Massaging your hair with olive oil is a great way of repairing damaged hair. Take olive oil (1/2 cup) and 3-4 Vitamin E capsules. Heat this mixture for some time and then gently massage your scalp and hair. Wash off your hair after 20 minutes. To get soft and shiny hair, repeat this remedy at least twice a week.


  1. Keep your hair clean: Just like you clean your body everyday you need to clean your hairs often. It’s not possible to use shampoo everyday especially for people with long hairs, so it will be advisable to shampoo your hair at least twice in a week.


  1. Nutrition and healthy eating: You have often heard that most of the disease or health problems come from your stomach, so it’s highly advisable for you to have a healthy diet. Specially food which contains soyabean, flax seeds, milk& milk products, chickpeas and tomatoes in your diet.


  1. Homemade hair packs: you often have nourished your facial skin with lots of creams and facial products, the same way your hair need nourishment. You can use conditioners, aloe vera gels to make your hair healthy, shiny and bouncy.


  1. Protection: Try to protect your hair from dusty places. Prevent your hair from pollution prone areas.


  1. Drink water: Drink as much water as you can to hydrate your body.


  1. Avoid heat tools: Air dryers remove moisture from your hair, avoid using it.


To get instant bouncy hairs apply bear to your hairs, they not only provides moisture but also nourishes your hair.

Get proper trim once in a month to avoid split ends.

You can apply egg on your hair which gives silky and shiny hair in instant.



By this we hope that every query of yours would have been solved. Enjoy the summer without worrying much about your hairs.

So you see, hair damage caused by sun is not too difficult to repair after all. It’ll take some time for the results to become noticeable. Just continue with the right remedy that suits you. Have a nutritious and healthy diet and do not forget to oil your hair regularly. Certain protective measures like a scarf or an umbrella can also be used to prevent your hair from sun damage.

Be careful for hairs and take a good care of your hairs to make it beautiful and healthy.

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