How to Get Rid Of Ringworm?

How to Get Rid Of Ringworm?

Ringworm is the hackneyed fungal infection of the skin. it can be accuse in people in all age. Doctor’s call it ‘Tinea’ in medical term. The symptoms of Ringworm are crushed rash that appear in round shape, Red patches on the skin and itching. Ointments or Anti fungal creams are subsidiary to get rid of it. Many of products are easily available in market. You can buy from there and Any anti fungal cream use with clotrimazole or miconazole. Brand names Mycelex, Tinactin and Micatin1.Terbinafine cream is also available its called Lamisil; and you can use it without any doctor’s prescription because they are safe to apply.


Never ignore when you get Ringworm on your body because ignoring it might be gives you more worst circumstance. So read these remedies and apply then get rid of it:

  • A proper diagnosis is the best treatment ringworm.


  • Always wash your rash with using soap and water and make it dry as soon as possible after this apply anti-fungal cream on the affected area to stripping it from your body.


  • Tea tree oil is very effective on ringworm. You can buy it easily from any Wal-Mart. clean the affected area then take some drops of tea tree oil and apply. Take a soft and short massage from this. It will give you better result soon.


  • Mustard oil: yes! Mustard oil is also very dynamic remedy of it. Before you go to bad clean the affected area from Luke warm water and dry it with help of towel the take 2 table spoon of mustard oil and give it bit warmness. Then take massage with it. After that cover the area from cotton cloth. Next day do the same. It is very easy remedy.


  • Sea salt: Sea salt has a power to remove any skin problems. Whatever you get acne, pigmentation, itching, sun burn or ringworm it is the proper solution for all problems. You can use it directly in your bath water. then it would be great for your body otherwise you just need sea salt and vinegar, that is all we need. Make a paste and put it on affected area for 5 minutes. Than wash with cool water. do it every day until it vanish.


  • Garlic Essence: Garlic is full with a Jolene, this is a natural anti-fungal scout and garlic essence is so effective to vanish ringworm asap. You have two ways to apply it.


  1. Peel garlic and cut it into the slices. Put it on the cotton ball and place it on the ringworm. Warp it with any cloth or bandage and leave it for full night. Remove it in the morning. Do it 4-5 days regular for better result.
  1. You can use essence of garlic. Massage with this then lives it overnight. This remedy dose dynamic effects on this and it’s really so easy to get.


  • Olive oil or Jojoba oil or Lavender oil:this is virtually safest and smoothest remedy for ringworm. Natural oil has lot’s of properties who has ability to disappear the spots. You have to do only 1 thing and that is take all three oils 1-1 tea spoon and mix it together, then take a little massage with the help of fingers. Then get a clean cotton ball and put some oil on it. Warp it on the affected part and leave it for full night.


All three oils knows it’s work. If you use it first it never gives you itching. It’s a itching free formula. Then it removes ringworm and never leaves spots. If unfortunately you get the spots then don’t renounce to apply oils. Olive oil has lot’s of contain which is helpful to die down all the spots.

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