How to get rid of fruit flies fast?

How to get rid of fruit flies fast?

Fruit flies, these pesky things are mostly found in damp and moist places. These are also very irritating insects and everyone want to get rid from them nut it’s not an easily task. You have to make some efforts to get rid from them. When they come to your kitchen then it is the high time for you. These are attracted to ripening rotting fruits items. And if you kitchen have these kind of items then you invite them more into your kitchen. Imagine your kitchen have dozens of fruits flies then you have to do is describing below. You have to know the effective methods y which you have to get rid of these flies.


What exactly fruit flies are?

They not exactly cause any kind problem because they do not bite. But they are the main reason to spread the infection among the humans. They feed the decaying and rotten food material by their sucker mouth. Sometimes they also cause the some kind of allergic reaction. Reason of this allergic reaction is that they are always exposed to harmful bacteria and that’s why they cause such kind of allergy and other health related problems. To keep them away first you have to covered garbage and time to time dispose it. To successfully get rid from these annoying pets try these methods which are describing bellow.


How to get rid from them?

Here are some methods that are really help to get rid from them. So just follow us.

  1. Orange juice:- as we know fruit flies are attracted towards fruit and fruits juices. So get this method just you have to follow these steps.


  • Glass jar
  • Toothpick
  • Orange juice
  • Water


  • First add some water to orange juice in jar.
  • Now cover the glass jar with plastic and make holes into the plastic so that flies can be easily enter into the jar.
  • Just place the jar outside where flies are mostly found.


  1. Paper cone with fruit:- take a jar and place a ripe fruit into to the jar and also add the vinegar into the jar. Now just take a piece of paper and make a cone of paper and pace it into the jar in such a way so that the wide portion into upper side and small portion into lower portion.


  1. Red wine:- red wine always attract the fruit flies as same as they like the apple cider vinegar. If you have to trap them you just have to open the bottle of the red wine so that fruit flies attracted toward the bottle.


  1. Apple cider vinegar:- for this method you just have to take bottle of narrow neck and add little amount of apple cider vinegar. After adding it just wrap the neck with the plastic and poke it for the flies. Make a small hole so that no flies can be able to exit. Apple cider vinegar attracts the flies most, so this remedy will definitely work.


Something more about fruits flies:-

  • If you really want to get rid from fruit flies then you have to cover the entire food item in the kitchen especially garbage bin because it also attracts the flies more.
  • Always clean your home and take them away from your house.
  • You know a female fly lays 500 eggs at one time and most of the time they lays it into drainage system. So to get rif fro this problem just take little amount of vinegar with hot water and drain into the system.
  • You have to cover all the opening of the house and keep un refrigerated things properly that flies are not attracted by them.

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