How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin?

How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin?

Dry skin can change your mood from happy to gloomy, especially in winter. Your skin may not always adapt to the changes in the environmental conditions. As a result your skin may become dry and greasy adding several skin irritations such as dark patches and breakouts.

There are ways via which you can get rid of dry skin. The only thing is you have to follow them sincerely.


Use olive oil:

Olive oil is good for dry skin and can get you rid of dry skin instantly. The extra virgin olive oil helps in soothing and conditioning the skin facing dryness. You can use it in several ways.

You can use it along with your moisturizer. Before taking a bath take some olive oil and rub it in your hands, feet, legs, etc. and have a light massage. Keep this on your body for about half an hour and then go the shower. After bathing apply your regular moisturizer.

There is still another way. Take two tablespoons of olive oil. Note that it must be extra virgin. Add four spoons brown sugar to it along with one spoon of honey. Apply this as a scrub. That is, rub it gently on the dry skin with circular movements for some minutes and then take a bath. Do not forget to apply moisturizer instantly after taking shower.


Moisturize regularly:

Dry skin needs to be regularly moisturized. Moisturizing keeps the skin hydrated and protected. It provides a shield on your skin such that dark patches and breakouts do not occur often. A single layer of moisturizer can work efficiently on your skin. Make sure whenever you apply moisturizer your skin must be a little damp.

It is a common fact that you must change your moisturizer as the season changes. The regular moisturizer cannot act in the same way as it has worked earlier. As time and season changes, the effectiveness of your moisturizer also changes. So as suitable to your skin, change your moisturizer in accordance to it.


Treating the skin naturally:

You can get rid of dry skin by using natural ways. Homemade remedies are always the best for any aspect.

Make use of avocado. Cut half of an avocado fruit and mash it. Take the mash and about a quarter of honey to it. The honey should be organic in nature. Mix well by adding some milk or yogurt to the composition. Apply it on the face and neck and leave untouched at least for ten minutes. Wash off and pat dry. You will get highly nourished skin after this.

Banana is the best moisturizer ever used. Mash a banana and add honey to it. Apply it all over the face and neck and leave for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. Remove it by washing off with cold water and pat dry.

Milk can be more advantageous for dry skin. It has proved to be a better moisturizer and cleanser since long. Take a cup of raw milk. Dip a cotton ball into it and massage your skin by rubbing. Your skin will get deeply cleansed and nourished.


Use coconut oil:

Amongst oils, coconut oil is the best. Warm a little coconut oil in a bowl. Apply on the entire body before sleeping. Allow it to get absorbed into the skin. Wash in the next morning. A daily habit of this makes your skin softer and smoother and the dryness is removed.

There is one more way. You can apply the coconut oil after taking bath. The skin generally remains a little warm after taking a shower. Warm skin can absorb the oil faster and deeper. Daily practice of this task proves better result.


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