How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Quickly

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Quickly

Did you take a comfortable sleep at night on your bed? No but it will happen due to some reason and the common reason of sleepless night is bed bugs which are so tiny that no one can notice them suddenly. But when they bite you then you will feel their presence that they are nearby you. They are very flat, nasty type insects they mostly found in our daily places like our beds heets, mattress, small gapes in walls and floor. They make your night sleepless and irritating. They are so small that it is not very easy to kill them; it will take lots of time and patience also. The other thing you can notice about these little creatures is they bite in a sequence by which you can easily recognize the real culprit.


What actually they are?

They are very small insect which are hard to find and recognize.  They are feeding blood at night which causes itching on skin and result is rashes. They are not responsible for any kind of major skin diseases but can causes some kind of skin problems like rashes, itching and blisters around their bite etc. So think how you can get rid of them without notice them. Don’t you worry there is a way to solve this problem which arises due to bed bugs. You can also prevent them to come in to your house but once they come with clothes, bedsheets, bed etc it is hard to get rid of them.


Home remedies to get rid from bed bugs:- It is best to treat this problem by using home remedies because  the alternate method is pest control which is very costly and also very tidy way.



  1. Using Alcohol:- alcohol is also used as a great disinfected which kill the bacteria and bugs. Using alcohol may help to disinfected area by spreading it all over.


  • Take a spray bottle and pour alcohol in it.
  • Spay the alcohol where the chances increases of bug like corner, in the bed, mattress and pillows, walls etc.
  • Repeat this process daily and it will kid the bed bugs.


  1. Clothes need to be wash:- if you wanted to get rid from these blood suckers then you can also wash your clothes in hot water. It is also an easy and best way to get rid from these bed bugs.


  1. Heat:-bed bugs cannot survive in high temperature. So it is the best way to kill them on high temperature. The range of temperature is around 45-50 degree C in which they cannot survive.


  • You just have to take your clothes like mattress, clothes, bedding, blanket etc and put it into your dryer machine.
  • Set the temperature of dryer machine and let it be.
  • After 30 minutes just take them out.


  1. Use vacuum cleaner:- it is also another option to get rid from these small creature. Use vacuum cleaner to all your room corner, bed frames, mattress corner, carpets etc. All the common places where you can find them. After vacuuming clean the vacuums bags carefully, so that no bug can escape from it. Repeat this process daily until you can catch all the bugs.


  1. Use essential oils:- some essential oils are also can be used as an bug repellents such as lavender oil, tea tree oil. Their pungent smell cannot be tolered by bed bugs, so to prevent them you have to use it around your floor or all the places from where bed bugs can be attacked. You can also sew a cloth for your bed and place it between the two clothes after dipping it into essential oils.


  1. Use Diatomaceous Earth:- Diatomaceous Earth is made up of soil and algae is also present in this soil. These algae kill the algae by cutting them. You only have to sprinkle the Diatomaceous Earth around your bed or mattress to get rid from them.


From all these remedies you can choose for what you feel comfortable and easy. So, just do not don’t be late to kill these blood suckers.

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