How to get glowing skin

How to get glowing skin

As we know that skin is the 1st layer of our immune system. Like our internal part of body , skin can also get illness and health. It can be down because of age, stress, busy life style, bad food habits, smoking- drinking, pollution and sun rays etc. as we get older (and sometimes even young age) our skin become drier & thinner and we get much more from this like pimple, redness, sun burn, wrinkle, sun ten, dark spots and large pores. We got such a un-glowing skin, it’s really looks so bad and loos our confidence.
but not to worry here we going to tell you some awesome remedies to get Glowing skin.


Intake Water : as we know we can’t control our age but with some efforts we can look younger then present age. Just intake lot’s of water. Our skin needs a rich amount of nutrition’s and minerals. Water has the quality of this it makes skin tight and gives inner glow. For getting natural glowing skin drink water at least 6 to 8 glass in a day specially in morning time on empty stomach.


Have such a healthy diet everyday: A large amount of proteins, vitamins, fatty acids and fiber makes your meal complete .try to eat vegetables and fruits every day to make your skin glowing and fine. A balanced diet is a key of healthy mind and body. Avoid oil and spice’s .


Nuts and seeds: nuts and seeds are a full of fiber fiber and protein so they could make your skin smooth, supple and younger. Almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sun flower seed , pecans they all have lot’s of proteins and nutrition. They are best unsalted eaten raw. Make it a part of your daily diet and always remain healthy and go shine.


Workout and yoga: what you do it’s totly depends on you yoga and exercise like running ,skiping, cardio ets makes awesome effects on you because it’s stimulates blood flow and make you healthy.


Acne problem : you know what ! what is the bad part of us? We wake up about us when we get pimple or else , we never care yourself until it goes worst. yes just change some of your habits and get rid acne problem before it happen; like change your pillow covers every 3-4 days. Never touch your face again n again with your hands because in your hands might be have lot’s of bacteria’s and you easily get pimple. Always tie your all hair with rubber band , and always keep out of your face other wise you will face more acne problems. Never share your personal make up and always buy branded beauty products which have good amount of SPF and light amount of chemical. Actually if it’s not need never buy comical products use only home made products like fruits face masks, earth mug, sandal wood powder, olive oil, papaya, banana etc.
if you feel your skin more damaged than you think please contect with your doctor as soon as you can. Never be doctor on your own.


Never do it : you never do pick or pop your pimple on using your nails it might be make more damage your skin and you get permanent scare on your face.


Spot treatments: there are in market active lot’s of anti-acne products but you have to choose right , which suits on your skin tone so when you going to thought to use this types of product , take a good suggestion from your Doctor.


Never sleep before wash off your face : make up, dust and oil makes your skin down so never sleep until you remove make up otherwise it gives you dullness night after night. If you want such a glowing skin first remove make up and every night wash off your face.

if you have oily skin you can use toner. It removes extra oil on your face and gives glowing soft skin.

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