Bright and bold lips are a beauty statement that every celebrity swears by. According to several top makeup artists, bright lips are really in this season and can totally transform your look. Wondering how you can look like an absolute glam diva by sporting the brightest lips? Read on!


How to choose bright lipsticks according to your skin tone:

  • Fair skin tones: Choose a bluish based reds if you have a porcelain complexion. You can also select fuchsia pink or bubblegum pink shades. A bright orange shade works great too!


  • Medium skin tones: Medium skin tones have an array of lipstick shades to choose from. You can choose cherry reds or orangey reds and pinks. However, coral shades and bright pinks aren’t recommended!


  • Dark skin tones: Select browns, mauves and reds. Stay away from orange as it will not complement your skin tone at all!


Bright and bold lip colors to choose from:

  • Red/maroons: Wear a red lipstick for an evening out in order to look like a glam goddess! Red lips look best with black, dark green, dark brown, white, grey and pastel shaded outfits as well! Here’s a DIY tutorial;


  1. Start by moisturizing your lips with a lip balm. Line it with a maroon or red liner if you are using a red lipstick or brown if it is maroon.


  1. Apply red or maroon lipstick with the help of a lipstick brush.


  1. Dab some face powder onto your lips.


  1. Dust the excess powder and press your lips together. This step will not only give you a matte finish but will also make your lipstick last longer.



  • Fuchsia: Fuchsia lips looks fabulous and changes your look completely. Sported by models and celebrities worldwide, here’s how you can sport a bright shade of pink and look fabulous!


  1. Apply some lip balm to eliminate any dryness. Follow it up with a layer of concealer to even out your lip color and help the color pop up!


  1. Line your lips with a pink lip liner to outline your lips and prevent the color from bleeding.


  1. Fill your lips with a lipstick brush.


  1. Blot your lips with a tissue and apply another layer of lipstick to perfect your lipstick.


  1. Apply some concealer around your mouth in order to prevent it from bleeding.



  • Orange: Orange lipstick will make you look like an absolute diva if it goes with your skin tone! Here’s how you can make your lips look like you’ve just bitten into an orange ice candy!


  1. Prepare your lips by apply lip balm and dab some concealer.


  1. Line your lips with an orange lip liner and fill in your lips with it. This helps the lipstick to stay and not bleed.


  1. Using a lipstick brush, apply a bright neon orange shade on your lips.


  1. Blot your lips with a tissue, dab some loose powder and apply another layer of lipstick.


  1. Finish by applying a dash of highlighter on the cupid’s bow! This will give an illusion of fuller lips.


Pointers to keep in mind:

  • When you sport a bright lip shade, go easy on the eyes. Accentuating both the features will make you look like a clown!


  • Stay away from bright shades of lipstick if you have thin lips. The idea is take attention away from your not-so-best feature.


  • Make sure you choose the lipstick according to your skin tone. Also keep in mind if you have warm or cool undertones while selecting a shade.


  • Once you have applied lipstick, experts suggest that you blot it with either a tissue or a blotting paper. This makes the lipstick to last long and also prevents it from bleeding.


  • If you have uneven or pigmented lips, apply concealer before you apply your lipstick.


Sport the above mentioned bright and bold lip colors in order to look absolutely vibrant and gorgeous!

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