How To Get A Sun Kissed Look Without Getting Tanned?

How To Get A Sun Kissed Look Without Getting Tanned?

Whether it’s summer or winter every women always wants to look glowing and youthful. But we fear to face the environment especially in summers when Sun shines like fire. Because sometimes a little bit exposure to Sun can harm our skin badly and tanning and other Sun spots gets visible on our skin. Tanned skin takes too much time to repair and our original glow of skin gets lost. But keeping always inside the house and don’t going out in summers is not the proper solution of the problem. Solution is to keep our skin protected from such damage with effective makeup. In today’s article we are discussing important makeup tips for you to make your skin glow in every season by having sun kissed look every time.


Steps To Have Sun-Kissed Looks

  • Start your makeup process by cleansing your facial skin using a perfect cleanser. Rub your skin gently with the cleanser and this will help to eliminate dirt, oil and dead skin from your face, leaving fresh and clean skin behind.


  • Apply a good quality moisturizer on your face after cleansing. Moisturizer is very important since while exposing to Sun your skin needs appropriate nourishment and moisture. Otherwise it is get dry and your skin will get tanned.


  • Apply a liquid foundation after the moisturizer gets absorbed by your skin. Blend it on your skin perfectly. Make sure that your foundation contain SPF content as it is essential to give your skin solid Sun protection.


  • If you are going to wear a low neck outfit, then don’t forget to apply the foundation over your lower neck part. Blend perfectly and evenly all over the neck skin avoiding irregularities.


  • Apply the concealer once your foundation gets set to its place perfectly. Concealer the blemishes and imperfection of your skin. You can perfectly hide, dark circles, dark spots and scars using a concealer. Concealer should also content SPF content for giving your skin SUN protection.


  • Now give a perfect finish to your looks with compact or powder. Mineral powder will also be perfect especially for sensitive skins. Mineral powder contains comparatively less chemicals, so it is always safe to use the mineral powder for your skin.


  • On coming to eyeshadows, we would suggest you to go with shimmery shades. You can go with shades like pink brown or orange. These will make you look fresh and glowing.


  • Apply black mascara over your eyelashes but before that don’t forget to curl them. As curly eyelashes give more natural looks. Once you mascara is set, apply a little bit bronzer to your brow bones. This will make up your eyes area look glowing and fresh.


  • Contour your cheekbones with perfect contouring powder to highlight your features and give a fresh finish to your skin.


  • For lips, using nude lipstick colors will work best for having such Sun kissed looks. You can apply lip gloss over your lips as well.


Along with all these makeup tricks you should also consider about a good and nutritious diet. Drink as much water as you can since water is the perfect natural and free solution for having glowing skin in every season. Always include fruits, green vegetables and juices in your complete day diet. Fruits and vegetables are enriched with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. So in taking fruits and vegetables will naturally increase glow of your skin while also keeping it youthful and free of aging signs for long.


Remember all these tips and you will not have to worry much while exposing to the Sun. Keep reading more articles with us and get aware of more beauty and makeup tips regularly. Stay blessed with good health and beauty.

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