How To Do Facial For Oily Skin?

How To Do Facial For Oily Skin?

Facial gives a glowing and radiant skin feature. A regular practice of doing facial claims a good effect on oily skin. But you need to be quite proper about the kind of facial done on oily skin. A slight unawareness may cause skin disorders which are obviously not preferable.

Hence a different pattern should be followed to do facial on oily skin to retain the quality and improve the skin tone.


You must be wondering that how come cleansing comes under the facial process??? Well, for the facial to be done, the foundation is to be created. For this you need to remove the excess oil by cleansing your face and washing with splash of water. If the skin is not thoroughly cleaned then there is no use of applying the face pack.


In the daily work out, oily skin usually becomes hard. Cleansing cleans your face but does not make it soft. This can be accomplished by steaming. Steaming helps in softening the skin cells and hence opening up the pores so that the facial can penetrate through. Fill a container with water and boil it. For oily skin dried herbs such as lavender and thyme should be used. Put any of the dried herbs suitable for oily skin into the boiling water and put off the flame.

Place your face a little above the container so that the steam passes into your skin properly. Cover with a towel. Allow yourself in this position for five to eight minutes.


Oily skin is prone to blackheads and pimples. The blackheads do not get removed by the above two processes. Hence once your pores are opened by steaming, you need to scrub your face to take out the blackheads from the pores. Hence a good scrubber is to be used.


Now we have reached our point. A good face pack usually clay pack is to be used for oily skin. Market based packs are available. But these may not suit to every skin. Therefore it is better to use homemade packs.

  • Take a container and put green tea measuring two teaspoons. Add honey of one spoon and two spoons of clay to the green tea along with one big spoon of aloe verangel. Mix well to get a fine smooth paste. Apply the paste on the face and neck. Allow it to dry for fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse off with cold water and pat dry. This face mask should be done at least twice a week.


  • Strawberries lessen the growth of acne. This fruit can be used as a face pack. Four ripe strawberries must be taken and mashed into a pulp using fork. Make a pulpy paste by adding one spoon of yogurt to it. Apply the paste to the face and allow it to dry for ten to fifteen minutes. This facial keeps your oily skin hydrated and moisturized.


  • One spoon of cucumber juice can have extraordinary effects on oily skin. Add an egg white to the juice along with lemon juice in drops. Add an additional amount of a half spoon of clay forming a paste. Without making contact to the eyes, apply the pack and keep the face untouched for about ten to twenty minutes. This is a good facial mask for oily skin.


  • Bananas are full of nutrients and hence when used as a face pack draws healthier needs to the skin. Mash a banana and add a spoon of yogurt to the mashed one. Add about five drops peppermint essential oil to the yogurt added paste. To make it a smooth paste, add half a teaspoon of clay and apply on the face and neck. Keep it to dry for fifteen to twenty minutes and then rinse off.


This is the entire process of facial for oily skin with some of the face packs included. If the process is followed neatly then no wonder you will forget whether you had an oily skin ever.


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