How To Customize Your Lipstick To Make It Wearable

How To Customize Your Lipstick To Make It Wearable

Lipstick is my favorite make-up product, but sometimes because of less use or not liking its colour or texture it will be the most ignored product in my make-up box, but at the same time I’m not going to use it despite I don’t get dare to throw it out. I am supposing that many of girls/ woman do the same like I do. But what next? We have to find out some other way to use it. Right!!
So let customize our lipstick to make it wearable and applicable, it’s really simple and amazing remedy to save your lipstick to be such waste. And the best part is this is absolutely safe and natural. You will apply it anywhere and anytime.
The Ingredients you need to transform your lipstick to make it wearable.

  1. Lipstick (it up to you what to chosen, you can select 1 or more)
  2. Coconut oil or Petroleum jelly
  3. Tissue papers (you will need it to cleaning)
  4. A Bowl
  5. One Small container
  6. Ear bud
  7. Shimmer

That all you need to customize your lipstick. So let’s start to create a new product or you can call it ‘Modify’.


  • Take all ingredients nearby you.


  • Now have lipsticks of your chose, in my case I’ll take two one is Red, “The red hot” and other is light pink. Both of lipsticks I can’t feel good to wear because one is too dark and shady and the pink one is too light.


  • Okay, now take a knife and cut the lipstick bar and take it out. I know it a creamy feeling to cutting it,


  • put the lipstick in a bowl, and cast it in the centre,


  • Then add ¼ spoon amount of coconut oil or like i do add some petroleum jelly in the bowl, –petroleum jelly is must be in pea size amount only.


  • Then take the bowl over the hot water, just take care the bowl not to fall in the water, it has to be upper the water, the only heat will come there, then you will see the lipstick and petroleum jelly start to malting,


  • After 5 or 10 minutes when you see the entire lipstick melted and both ingredients was mix together just see that there is any lump or not.


  • After that place it into a container, the container must be clean and dry, it has to be well washed.


  • Before placing the lipstick you can add some Shimmer on that just to get bit shimmery look, it not compulsory any way.


  • After placing leave it to get it set well.


  • Then take the container into the frizz, to change it from liquid to hard. Perhaps it’ll be taken one or two hours to settle down.


  • After 2 hours look at the colour you get. It’s really so different what you had. I’m sure you will love it.


  • Before applying first check the colour, to rub the lipstick on your wrist.


  • Because of coconut oil or petroleum jelly it will make your lips all time soft and hydroid.


  • You can use this lipstick as shadow on your cheeks, to high light it, or can apply on lips with the lipstick brush, you can perches it in any cosmetic shop.


This formula is so helpful to save your lipstick’s life and money too. Your every make-up product is valuable so never thought and treat it like waste. Do some simple affords and make it new like I do every time. This is so natural and safe for your lips. Have attractive and pleasant lips.

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