How to Cure Chronic Dandruff?

How to Cure Chronic Dandruff?

Extreme conditions of dryness or oiliness can leave you embarrassed and disgusted as the scalp becomes the hot spot for the growth of dandruff at such a condition. Scalp infection is the main cause of chronic dandruff.

Trying out natural remedies for treatment of chronic dandruff is always the preferred option to getting into the use of branded products. The chemicals comprising the products may only exacerbate the condition.


Lemon wash:

Lemon contains citric acid and hence the lemon juice is highly helpful for chronic dandruff. It is an easy process to get your scalp a lemon wash. Take about three to four lemons and peel off. Take the peels and boil them. Boil the peels to extreme hot. Filter out the peels from the hot water and allow the water to get cooled. It is the cooled water that you require. Apply the solution on the scalp, that is, on the roots. Wash off after some time. You will notice that you have got rid of the dandruff in one to two weeks.


Neem leaves:

The easy availability of neem leaves is good enough to help you get rid of dandruff. Boil the leaves. Allow them to get cooled a little and then grind them. Make sure you bring out a smooth paste out of the boiled leaves. The finer the paste, the better it is to apply. Rub the paste into the scalp and leave it for an hour. You will mark the difference when it is observed that the chronic dandruff does not return to the scalp. In addition to this, the hair becomes smooth and silky. Or you can say that the quality of the hair is just improved.


Ginger and beetroot:

The vegetables such as the ginger and beetroot are highly nutritious for health. They are equally beneficial for the scalp too. Chronic dandruff is wiped out on the application of these veggies. How to use it??? Cut the ginger and beetroot into small or medium pieces and grind them. Add a little water to it so that it becomes a fine paste. Apply the paste on the scalp properly. Do this every night and then wash off the next morning using your regular shampoo.


Aloe vera gel:

Aloe vera clears all skin and hair disorders in a natural way. There is no doubt in this. The application of the aloe vera gel is quite easy and simple. Take the gel and apply all over your scalp. Make sure you have applied in such a way that the gel spreads into the roots. Keep as such for about thirty minutes. Do not exceed the time limit as it may trigger the dryness on the scalp. Wash off after half an hour using your regular shampoo. It fights the fungal infection if any, and adds to the cooling effect.



It might seem unusual at first but if you see the fact then it would be interesting for you to use garlic as a cure for chronic dandruff. Garlic holds master properties of anti fungal elements. Hence it prevents scalp infection adding to the growth of healthy hair due to lessened dandruff. Mash garlic and rub on the scalp gently. To avoid the smell of the element you can add honey while rubbing. Keep it untouched for about twenty minutes and then wash off using your regular shampoo.



Reetha is a natural ingredient and is very often used to fight chronic dandruff. It provides cooling effect and adds to the nourishment of the hair. Reetha soap is available in the market. Otherwise you can also get yourself Reetha powder and make it a paste by mixing water. Apply the paste and then wash off after keeping it intact for some time.

So fight out chronic dandruff by making use of any of the highlighted elements and start loving your dandruff free hair.

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