How to choose the right shampoo that works for you?

How to choose the right shampoo that works for you?

The way you choose the right toothpaste for your teeth the same way you need to choose the right shampoo for your hair. Before choosing the right shampoo for your hair you need to choose the right shampoo for your scalp. Hair scalp is the base skin of your head.


Now how will you know your scalp type?

There are normally three types of hair scalp

  • Oily scalp: People living in hot and humid areas have generally oily hairs. To compensate with dry atmosphere which the hair faces the scalp provides its own oil or you apply it from outside. To make a balance such that your hair doesn’t look dull you should avoid shampoos that say “moisturizing”, leave the shampoo a extra minute than usual so that the extra oil gets removed, this will work wonder for you.


  • Dry scalp: If you live in cold places your hair scalp will generally be dry. To avoid this situation use the shampoo that says moisturizing or soothing. It reduces the dryness in your hair and you do not need to apply lots of oil on your head and end up messing.


  • Normal scalp: if you are lucky enough to have a normal scalp, you need to focus on the natural cycles. Be aware of the changing season and change your shampoo according to that, else you have flakes and damages in the long run.


What type of hair do you have?

While the first we read was the type of hair scalp one possesses, but this is about the type of hair one has. Normally there are three types of hair, classified as-


  • Thin hair

Shampoo that read Strengthening, balancing or volume adding are the best to use for a person who has thin hair combined with normal or oily hair scalp. In case if you have a dry scalp and thin hair you can use moisturizing shampoo with a volume adding shampoo, because you have to take care of both your scalp and hair.


  • Medium hair

If you are a person with medium hair, your concern should be to use a shampoo that feeds, smoothens and detangles your hair. Medium hair is what everyone desires to have, for that you only need a moisturizing shampoo.


  • Thick hair

Thick hair is quite a mess to manage. If you have a normal scalp with thick hair you can use a moisturizing shampoo.

Shampoos that add moisture and are hydrated are best to use on thick hair.


Hair enhances the beauty of every individual. Healthy and bouncy is the desire and lust that everybody has. But now a days hairfall is big problem that we are facing. To overcome this issue we keep on trying different medicines, shampoo or any homemade remedies. Obviously homemade solution are the are the best that we can have for our hair. But these are bit time taking process. In todays fast era we need to find such solution that are beneficial at the same time can be done quickly too. In the market we can find an umpteen of brands available for shampoos. But we must have a proper knowledge of our hair type and shampoo that suits our hair the most.


Choosing the right shampoo is as important as finding what works best on you. Our nature is diverse so is our hair with lots of variety whether its hair or hair scalp.

With this information we hope that you have understood your hair perfectly, now when you will visit your store again you are informed with the above information.

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