How To Choose Compact Powder

How To Choose Compact Powder

Compact powder has become one of the most important makeup product nowadays. Compact powder is a versatile makeup product that can help you to meet your various makeup requirements. It helps your foundation set perfectly while also giving an even tone for your overall skin. An amazing smooth finish can also be achieved with compact. For oily skin compact works the best. Since first it helps to soak the natural skin oil while also giving your skin an adorable matte and smooth finish for long time. Compact also helps to last makeup for long hours by preventing it from melting. You can feel fresh and light with makeup powder for long hours.


Choosing Compact Powder

So we came to know above that how important compact is for our skin. But it doesn’t mean that you can buy any of the available compact powders in market and use for your skin. For best affects you need to choose compact carefully considering various factors about your skin. As every skin has different features. So you must opt powder made specifically for the skin type and tone that you possess.


Determine Your Undertones

Before choosing a compact for your skin, you must have knowledge of your undertone. Skin colors may get different whenever exposed to certain environmental conditions. But undertones of your skin always remain the same. So such products need to be chosen keeping undertones in mind. Below are a few points with which you can have an idea of your undertones.


  • If you have a combination of blonde, black and naturally brown hair with blue, grey or green eyes then your undertone comes under cool category.
  • If you have strawberry blonde, auburn or black hair with hazel, amber and brown eyes then it means you have warm undertones.
  • And a combination of cool and warm undertones falls under neutral undertone category.


Choosing Perfect Compact Shade

  • Always choose a compact powder shade that exactly match your skin tone. As you need not to hide your original skin tone rather you need to intensify your tone effectively.


  • Picking a compact shade lighter than your natural skin tone will make your skin look ashy or grey. You may also look like sick or dull. So avoid choosing lighter shades.


  • If we talk about coverage of the compact then you must first consider your skin type. You can find different coverage options for different skin types as per the suitability and effectiveness.


  • If your skin tone is light then going for a pink undertone compact powder will work best for you. In such case you can also go for a compact 1 or 2 hues lighter than natural tone o your skin. Since pink undertones of the compact will make you look fresh and will not make your skin look dull.


  • In case of deeper skin tones, you should choose a compact that has orange or yellow undertones. But make sure that the shade is matching with your skin tone.


  • Make sure to try the compact before you buy it. Trying the product on jawline is considered the best test. Do not test the compact on back of your hand as sometimes this testing trick doesn’t work and we can make wrong selections.


  • If you want your compact to give your skin natural appearance then you should go for a compact with a sheer coverage. A medium to full coverage compact powder perfectly hides all the imperfections giving natural finish to your face.

So always keep these important things in mind while choosing a compact for your skin. This will not only give you a perfect look but also prevent you from spending money on a wrong product.

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