How To Bleach Hair

How To Bleach Hair

Hair bleaching or highlighting is in trend in nowadays. Youngster love to styling herself/himself with the colouring. And that is not possible to try different colour on your hair without doing bleaching. Bleaching makes your hair’s natural colour lighter and then you can colour it. Bleach is the combination of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. They are the responsible to change the colour of hair. Most of us like bleach blonde summery hair; we can get it with some simple remedy at home without paying lot of money in the salon.

Just be with me because here I’m sharing with you that how to do bleach your hair with the minimum expense and damages.


  • Start the process with natural healthy hair. I’m hoping that you have really healthy and thick hair, there is no boundation of hair types like you can do bleach your hair no matter it is oily, dry or normal. But here I’m suggesting you that bleach make hair dry so if you have dry hair then either you avoid or do extra care of your hair as much as you do.Before start bleaching wash your hair properly. Avoid using sulphates content shampoo, it makes hair drier. Just wash with any gentle shampoo.Here prohibited to use of any type of gels, sprays, oils, straightening or curling products and any other appliances. Avoid giving heat on your hair with the blow dryer or hair straightener.


  • First of all you have to decide what shade you want to apply and will it suits on you or not. After that purchase the supplies from any beauty product store. Hair bleaches are easily available in stores, you just need to find out which brand gives you maximum satisfaction and long lasting colour promise.


  • Bleach powders comes in packets and tube both, it will more convenient if you buy a tube, because then you will colour your hair more than one time


  • If your hair is light brown or blonde, then you should use 15 or 30 volume developer. But If your hair very dark and black, you might be need above the 30 volume developer it may be 40 volume developer, but be careful because it probably very harmful and can do damage your hair, so please try to avoid as possible as you can. It’s a very simple formula ‘The lowest use of volume, the less pernicious it is to your hair’.


  • Toner is the needed part of hair bleaching. Some Toners makes hair silvery or some white effect. If you like platinum, then you will so much need toner, which put out the yellowish colour of the bleached hair.


  • And you need a nice comb and a tint brush, because of applying bleach, a normal sized bowl and a plastic Polly for wrap.


Let’s start to bleaching on hair:

Take a bowl and mix the bleach, cover your hands with the gloves, so that your hands not to be in contact with the colour. Make sure that you’re all the products and stuffs in your reaching area. This is the work you should do with swiftly, calmly and accurately. Your hairs much be complete dry, you should wear gloves in your hands and then divide your hair in two sections.
Always take small size of hair layer to apply bleach,  Do not apply the bleach in to roots and scalps on hair otherwise you should get sting or burn scalp.

  • Use towel to wipe bleach from your face and head.
  • After applying bleach just cover the head with the plastic wrap and leave it for 15 minutes. Do not leave it more the 1 hours, otherwise you will get hair fall.
  • Wash your hair with the water only, do not use any shampoo before 24 hours. If needed you can use conditioner only.
  • After washing dry your hair properly.
  • if you want more dark colour then repeat the method again.


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