How To Avoid A Cakey Face?

How To Avoid A Cakey Face?

Do you often get cakey face while doing your facial makeup? Most of the times it happens that we make wrong selection of makeup products and as a result give a cakey look to our face. Secondly if we have even chosen the right products we make use of compact or makeup powder to get our creamy foundation and concealer get set on our skin perfectly. But even little bit excessive powder gives us that irritating cakey facial looks along with a feeling of heaviness and discomfort. A cakey face don’t let our skin glow properly and diminishes all the effectiveness of various makeup products. So to avoid having a cakey face it is crucial to concentrate on timings of applying every makeup product on your face appropriately. You should know when your skin will perfectly support for a particular makeup item. To help you with this problem we are sharing great makeup tips to let you avoid a cakey facial look.


Let Excess Oil Get Dried

Presence of excessive oil is the major cause of having a cakey face. To prevent having that cakey look let the excessive oil present on your face get dried perfectly before your apply your makeup powder or compact. Once you are done with your concealer and foundation, gently blot the excessive skin oil using a blotting paper or tissue. But make sure that blotting don’t affect the layer of your foundation or concealer.


Use Colorless Powder

It is recommended to use colorless powder on your face after applying foundation or concealer. Apply purely translucent powder with the help of powder puff gently. Use of puff will prevent the application of excessive powder thus avoiding cakey appearance. Colorless powder will not alter the finish given to your skin by your foundation. Whereas a shaded powder can change the foundation effect.


No Powder For Dry Skin

If you have dry or flaky skin and you really want to avoid having cakey face then you should not use powder while doing makeup. This is the recommendations of several makeup artists. Powder promotes dry or matte looks of the skin and as your skin is already dry then there is no need to apply compact over your foundation. You can simply leave your face by applying creamy concealer and foundations precisely. For flaky skin it is recommended to opt creamy or liquid foundations as miniaturization is crucial for dry skin. If your will keep your skin dry by not giving appropriate moisture your skin itself will promote a cakey appearance.


Sealing Foundation Appropriately

For oily skins it feels necessary to use powder over foundation. As powder can help to soak excessive oil from the skin thus preventing sticky appearance of the skin. But perfect application is also important. For perfect application, you should apply powder over your foundation using a taco puff. Using puff taco, the powder can be applied precisely over the foundation preventing cakey appearance.


Avoid Excessive Foundation Application

Most of the ladies try to apply foundations in excess to have a fair complexion. But this effort of having a fair skin gave them a cakey face due to their overwork with foundation. So it is important that you keep a control on using amount of foundation over your face. Also make sure to choose foundation type as per the texture of your skin.


So these are some important makeup tips that you should keep in mind while applying makeup to avoid cakey looks of your face. Hope this article will be helpful for you in achieving a wonderful and flawless looks. Share your views on this and keep reading more articles to have wonderful beauty and health tips.

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