How To Apply Liquid Foundation?

How To Apply Liquid Foundation?

Foundation as the name says, is the base created on your skin for applying a makeup over it to have beautiful looks. Foundation coms in several forms. It comes in powder, compact, liquid, cream and aerosol forms. There is not too much difference in finish in all these types of foundation forms. But one may select any of these forms as per ones comfort and easiness to carry it. Liquid foundation is one of the most popular form that is loved by most of the ladies. Liquid form is very light to carry and gets blended to our skin very well. In today’s article we are going to share important tips on the perfect application of liquid foundation to have perfect looks.


Applying Liquid Foundation Perfectly:


  • First cleanse your face completely using a perfect cleanser that is suitable to your skin. Cleansing is important before you apply any kind of makeup to your skin as it helps to remove dirt and dead skin cells from visible layer of your skin. After cleansing you will feel refreshing and your skin will look smooth and clear as well. So don’t skip this step.


  • After cleansing your skin will get dry, so it is important that you moisturize it properly to give it proper nourishment. Moisturized skin will help to give your foundation have a smooth finish. So apply an appropriate moisturizer to your skin after you cleanse it.


  • Put small amount of liquid foundation on the back of your hand. Instead of using back of your hand you can also make use of tissue paper or small dish for this purpose.


  • Now start applying foundation by taking it from back of your hand or whatever you as using on your face using your finger tip. First you should only dab the foundation in the form of dots on your cheeks, chin, nose and forehead.


  • Once you are don with dabbing the foundation on your face, blend the foundation using you fingertips. Begin blending your foundation from the areas that have more uneven looks. So that you can make your skin tone look even all over.


  • Remember that applying foundation does not mean rubbing it over your face rather you need to blend it to make a layer over your skin. The layer should be such that it does not look like an artificial one rather it should give a natural look.


  • Quantity of foundation also matters, so make sure you don’t use too much of foundation. Because it can make you look overdramatic.


  • Remember to apply foundation on the areas like, corners of your eyes, ears, nose corners and visible part of your neck. Most of the time we forget to notice these areas and finally these makes our skin tone look uneven.


  • As you are using liquid foundation so it is important to set it up properly so that it can last for long hours making your skin look youthful for long while. For this after 2-3 minutes of foundation application, take translucent makeup powder and apply thin layer of it over your face to set your foundation. Blend the powder on your skin gently with brush as it will get set with your foundation perfectly.


So this is the complete procedure for applying liquid foundation perfectly. In above steps we discussed to apply your foundation using fingers. However you can also do that using a makeup sponge or applicator brush.


  • In case of sponge, first you need to dip the sponge completely in water to get it moisturized. Squeeze the sponge to remove excessive water. Now take small amount of liquid foundation at one side of the sponge and gently apply over various areas of your face. Sponge can helps greatly in forming a uniform layer of foundation over your face.


  • If you are using an applicator brush then, first thing you should remember is to choose the appropriate brush. Bristles of the brush should be dense enough to blend your foundation over your skin perfectly. Apply the foundation the same way as you did with your fingers. The thing you need to keep in mind in all the cases is to give an even tone to your skin.


Follow these steps and get your liquid foundation applied perfectly on your skin.

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