How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly?

How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly?

Lipstick is one of the most beautiful makeup that that intensify woman’s beauty. A perfectly used lipstick defines the unique style statement of a woman, making her more special among the crowd. But the final appearance given by our lipstick to our overall makeup depends upon how perfectly lipstick have been applied. So it’s not only upon the best product you are using but also upon how well you applied it so that it can give your an eye-catching look. So in this article we will learn about the perfect way to apply lipstick appropriately so that you can enjoy its best effect along with longer durability.


Guide To Apply Lipstick Perfectly:–

 Get Your Lips Ready

First step is to get your lips ready for makeup application by exfoliating them. You can use sugar and honey mixture to exfoliate your lips or simple use a toothbrush and rub over your lips gently. Scrubbing doing in this way will help to remove deal cells and flakes out of your lips leaving smooth and softer lip skin behind. Smoother lips will hold lipstick much better than flaky lips.


Moisturize Your Lips

Once your exfoliated your lips, these will get drier. So next step should be to moisturize your lips by applying sufficient coating of lip balm over your lips. Lip balm will deliver appropriate moisture making your dry lips smooth and soft. It will also reflect a healthy and fresh look of your lips. But make sure that you are using oil free and non-sticky lip balm and oil content will not let your lipstick and lip liner go evenly over your lips. Waxy and non-oily lip balm would be perfect. Just before applying your lips liner if you find more stickiness or oily residue on your lips, wipe them out with cotton or soft cloth.


Applying Foundation

Foundation is one of the important makeup product that plays very important role in applying lipstick perfectly. First it fills all the cracks and fine lines present on our lips to make our skin smooth and soft. Secondly, it helps lipstick last for comparatively longer time. So you can consider using foundation for better lipstick finish.


Applying Lip Liner

First thing you should keep in mind while choosing your lip liner is that it should match the color of your lipstick. A little bit darker shade would also be good since can give better undertone. Apply the lip liner to your lips carefully. Always start from center of your top lip and the move to corners. If your lips are too shrieked or thin and you want to make them look fuller and plump then you can apply lip liner just outside your natural lip line. But before doing then don’t forget to hide your natural lip line with appropriate concealer. Otherwise it will look weird.


Applying Lipstick

Now apply your favorite lipstick to your lips carefully. But make sure not to cross the outline of that you have created using your lip liner. The color of the lipstick should be selected keeping your skin texture and tone in mind. If you want to make your lips look plump them use nude shades like peach, pink etc. In this case avoid using dark shades. Applying lipstick using brush would be perfect as it can offer better grip.



After lipstick application the next step is to blot excess of lipstick from your lips. For this you need to press a tissue between your lips. You can use second coat of lipstick if you find extra lipstick removed after blotting.


Using Lip Gloss

You can also consider using lip gloss on your lipstick if you want to give shiny and glossy looks to your lips. This is an optional step. If you are satisfied with your lipstick then you can simple skip this option.


Hope you liked our guide for applying lipstick perfectly. Keep reading to get more such wonderful tips regularly.

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