How To Apply Lip Gloss Perfectly – Step By Step Tutorial

How To Apply Lip Gloss Perfectly – Step By Step Tutorial

We all want our put to be glossy, shiny and attractive and for this we apply numerous lip glosses from top brands. But do you know owning a good quality lip glosses is just not the key to having attractive lips. Proper application of your lip gloss matters a lot in giving your lips lovely appearance. So to help you with this we are discussing with you a step by step guide for applying your favorite lip gloss perfectly. Here the whole procedure goes.


Step By Step Guide To Apply Lip Gloss Perfectly:

Moisturizing Lips

First of all you need to moisturize your lips properly so that any creases, chapping and cracks may get filled and smooth . Apply a thick moisturizer to your lips and keep it for around 30 seconds. After that clean the lips to remove deal skin cells. Once you removed all dead skin cells from your lips moisturize these again for promoting smoothness.



Foundation offers a great base for proper application of your lipstick or lip gloss. So applying foundation before your lip gloss would be good. Take small amount of foundation and apply to your lips gently. This will help your lip gloss to last for long.


Lip Liner

Lip liner offer your lips a sort of boundary that prevents your lip gloss and lipstick from smudging and also adds attractive undertone to your lip gloss shade. Apply a thin line of lip liner to your lips carefully. Lip liner will perfectly help to prevent your lip gloss from feathering. Lip liner with a color close to your lip color would be ideal in case of lip gloss. Using lip liners like light pink and mauve will work perfectly.


Applying Lip Gloss

After all the above steps, take your favorite lip gloss and apply to your lips carefully. First take you lower lips and apply lip gloss using lip gloss sponge along the length of your lower lip. Be careful to keep the filling within the border of your lips. Similarly apply the lip gloss to your top lips. Once you are done with this step press the lips against each other so that your lip liner and lip gloss can smudge effectively.


If you want to wear a lipstick and give your lips a bold and glossy color, then before applying lip gloss you need to apply your favorite lipstick. Once you have applied your lipstick then you can apply lip gloss over your lipstick coat. Lip gloss used in this way will help to give you a bold and attractive pout. Lip gloss will intensify your lipstick color making your lips look shiny and glossy.


Finally if you find excessive lip gloss on your lips then blot it using a tissue. But ensure to keep the lip gloss shade equal throughout your lips. Also avoid locking your lips tightly as long as you have applied this lip gloss.


Keep all these points in mind while applying lip gloss to your lips and you can surely give beautiful looks to your lips. But along with using lip glosses and lipsticks don’t forget to hydrate your lips regularly by applying good quality lip balm. Also add various nutritious food to your diet and these will help to nourish your lips and skin as well. As you know beauty shines from our inside so first of all we need to take care of our internal system and we will be blessed with beautiful skin, lips, hair and overall health as well. With this stay updated with us and keep getting useful health and beauty tips for your enhanced beauty and well-being.

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