How to apply heena on gray hair

How to apply heena on gray hair

If you are facing the problem of gray hair then we always try to cover hair with natural way. Heena is one of best option to color hair naturally and fir gray hair problem its always best because it can’t harm your hair and make hair shine and smooth and beautiful. It will also use to condition hair and make hair shine smooth and silky. So it’s good to cover gray hair with using heena. If you use dye to color hair so it will harm hair and make them rough and it’s so massy to apply dye because it will also Stan on body and face. So heena is best way to color hair naturally at home. Some time we don’t know how to apply this and get so confused how to apply heena on gray hair to color them. Today we are going to tell you how to apply natural heena at home. So there are some simple steps are given hair to apply heena on hair.


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Steps for applying heena on gray hair:-

  • Wash head properly—if you want to apply heena on hair then first start with washing hair and if you want proper color on hair then first remove all the oil from hair and make hair oil free first.


  • Apply motorizer—before going to apply heena paste first covet all the skin to get stay from heena stain. For that apply Vaseline of some ant type of oil on skin and hairline to get rid out of from heena stains it’s a best way to remove and avoid heena stain from body.


  • Apply heena–then start apply heena take hand glows and wear it and divide hair into 2 parts and take one flicks and properly apply heena on hair flicks and fold it same do with another side hair flicks and do until you apply this on all hair and cover them properly with using heena and band them together. Apply heena on hair from head to toe and cover all the hair properly and make a bun with this.


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  • Don’t apply clips on hair–don’t use any type of clips and bands to cover hair because when you apply heena it will band as a bun and you don’t need to pull hair with using clips and bands so always avoid clips and pins to pin hair.


  • Keep heena for some time–after applying heena properly rest for 2 hour till heena paste dry and sock all the color on hair and till the time apply a shower cap on hair otherwise it will heena stains seen in your skin after washing hair.


  • Wash out heena—open shower cap and open tap and directly wash head in tap and wash till all the heena can properly wash out and then apply shampoo on hair and after that conditioner as you use it normal and be calm you can see effective dark color at next day of applying hair color on hair. And heena can color all your gray hair and make hair softer and smoother.


By follow these simple steps you can easily apply heena on gray hair and color hair properly.


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