How to apply black mehndi

How to apply black mehndi

Everyone wants black and shine hair and for that the use so many natural things black heena is one of them we use this to cover gray hair and make them naturally black.dye can harm hair so black mehndi is one of best way to cover gray hair. But some people always prefer to apply dye because it will works faster and the cant want to follow the long process of applying black mehndi but dye can harm your hair and make them so rough and dry and black heena will condition him so always try to apply heena on hair to cover gray hair. Here we are going to tell some simple tips to cover gray hair and make them black naturally with given him naturally conditioning.


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Step to apply black mehndi on gray hair:-

  • Prepare black mehndi–take a bowl and pour heena powder in this according to your hair length. Mix one tablespoon on black coffee and 1 egg in this and mix it with using tea water and then mix it till all the ingredient can combine together.


  • Take precautions to protect skin–always cover all body parts before applying black mehndi on hair take a towel or full slive covered dress before apply heena on hair and cover hair properly and make them protected you can also band a towel on neck to avoid heena stains.


  • Prepare hair to apply heena–for apply any type of heena wash hair properly and make them fresh and clean and avoid oiling if you want to color hair because it will reduce the color shade so before applying heena on hair wash hair properly and don’t apply oil.


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  • Apply heena on hair--after follow these tips apply heena on hair. start with taking one section of hair and apply heena on hair properly from head to toe and then rape it then do same with other flecks and cover all the hair by doing this and giving twist to hair and after that rape it all the hair properly and make hair bun of hair with cover it properly. And make a high bun with hair and there is no need to place it with using any type of band it will automatically clip after doing these fold.


  • Wrap hair properly–after Appling black heena always cover skin and body properly and use shower cape to cover hair and if you want darker color then you can also blow dry your hair and rest for some time with cover it properly.


  • Rinse out black heena paste–after some time when heena gets dry then rinse out head with using mild shampoo and conditioner and always use cool water to wash hair.


  • Apply oil–after wash hair applies any type of oil on hair which you use and rinse at next day for more effective color. And you can see natural heena color on hair.


You can apply heena paste with follow these steps and make hair shine and healthy and nature black


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