How to apply Airbrush Makeup?

How to apply Airbrush Makeup?

Several makeup technologies have been introduced in the beauty market and Airbrush Makeup is one among them. Airbrush Makeup is especially used in the cinema industry to get a picture perfect makeup for the faces of celebrities. In other words, Airbrush makeup kit is an excellent blending beauty tool which gives you a flawless makeup finish.

Another advantage of using this Airbrush makeup is with less application of the product it gives an extraordinary result of flawless skin.

So, let us check the ways of applying Airbrush makeup.


Step 1: Color matching

Airbrush makeup is available in different shades of foundation and you have to choose the best one which suits you. Thus try to take a little of all shades and test which color suits you most.


Step 2: Clean up your face

Clean you face with your favorite lotion and makeup remover and make you face ready for makeup application.


Step 3: Choose you primer:  

Now choose the primer of your choice that comes along with the airbrush makeup kit. Pour little drops of primer to the airbrush machine and apply it evenly on your face.


Step 4: Choose your foundation:

Similarly, now pour little drops of your foundation in the airbrush machine and start sprinkling to your face.


Tips to be followed before applying Airbrush makeup:

  • Do not pull applicator much since this will give a heavy tint of makeup.


  • Do not make use of the airbrush machine so close to your skin.


  • Before starting to apply Airbrush makeup, try to read all the CD’s and manuals that comes along with the Airbrush makeup tool.


  • Since this is a tool with air jet wand and a compressor, try to handle it carefully before using it.


  • The results of Air brush makeup will be better when someone tries to apply it for you. Just avoid using it yourself and ask someone else to apply it on your face.


  • Unlike other conventional makeup process, allow the first layer of application to completely dry before start applying the second layer.


  • Airbrush Makeup comes in different formulas such as Polymer water based, Polymer alcohol based, Sillicone based, Water based and alcohol based.


  • If it is water based Airbrush makeup kit it gives you a perfect matte finish makeup without any shine. This is a perfect makeup for the people who work under bright lights.


  • Silicon based: This is a perfect makeup kit who likes to be more natural. The shades are very similar to that of your bare skin.


  • Alcohol based: This is a makeup kit with alcohol content and thus not recommendable for daily usage. This is a perfect makeup kit for any parties since it has high staying power for more than 5 hours.


  • Unlike other traditional makeup methods, airbrush makeup is a special type of makeup which has powder or liquid that can be sprayed to your skin thus hiding the pores and wrinkles. This gives an even tone and natural looking skin.


  • Never over apply this type of makeup. This is because in conventional makeup it is easy to redo or correct the mistakes if the makeup is overpowered. In Airbrush Makeup this is not possible since it will create some problem.


  • Test it with a tissue paper before you apply to your skin tone.


  • Always apply this type of makeup from a distance of at least 6 inches away from your face. Sprinkle little by little initially. Later when you get fully trained on it, you can easily start doing layers on your face.

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