How To Apply A Blush If You Are A Bride To Be?

How To Apply A Blush If You Are A Bride To Be?

Surely you when you will be dreaming of your wedding appearance, those rosy cheeks would be coming in your mind frequently. We can think about those beautiful rosy cheeks in our imagination but it rarely happens in reality. Have you ever think, why? It is because of the inappropriate selection and use of blush that people utilize on their cheeks. So in this article we are going to explore the real scope of using a blush and its capability to enhance your beauty making you a beautiful bride.


Selection Of Right Blush Shade

The selection of the blush shade should be on the basis of your skin tone. You will find numerous shades in market so it is important to acknowledge that what will suit you.


  • If you have a little bit dark or wheaty complexion then you should opt a blush with rosy brown hue for contours. This shade of blush will suit ladies with such complexion and help to intensify their looks.


  • Some of the ladies may have fair or pale skin tone. In this case you should choose some organish rosy shade for contours. Also don’t do the mistake of opting dark rosy or brown rosy shades because this can make an impression of tanned skin.


  • Now you will have to select the blush shade for your cheeks. Remember for cheeks, you need to select a shade that is little bit lighter than what you have opted for contours.


Quality Brush For Blush Application

Brush also matters a lot when it comes to the appropriate application of the blush. So selection of brush should be very careful. For cheeks you can use angular blush brushes whereas for apples you need to choose big brush so that you can apply blush perfectly. Also bristles of the brush should not be harsh as this can cause rashes and redness to your skin. Opt a brush with smooth bristles that are capable to spread the blush perfectly on your face.


Applying Blush To Cheek Contours


  • Use the dark blush shade for your cheek contours and apply with the help of angular blush brush in angular motion.


  • Start with the area near to lips and move diagonally upwards towards the area near your ears.


  • Put more pressure on the brush as you keep moving upwards so that you can have darker shade on the area near ears.


Applying Blush To Cheek Apples

As above discussed cheek apple should be make up with a slightly lighter shade as compared to the shade you utilized to the contours. This will look more natural and attractive. Light pink shade is advised for your beautiful cheek apples.


In this case big brush will work for you. Apply the blush in circular motion on the apples of your cheeks. Keep stick to use as much as required as over work can make you look dramatic.


Giving Finish To You Bridal Blush Makeup

To give a beautiful finish to your blush makeup use a good quality compact powder. Puff little amount of powder to your cheeks to hide all the streak lines and make all the makeup that you have done earlier look as natural as it can.


Highlighting Blush

To highlight your blush you can use shimmers or glitters as these will make your face look shiny and sparking. Giving a highlight this way to your blush can enhance your overall makeup with a perfect finish.


So all these are appropriate ways to use a blush perfectly and look flawless on your wedding ceremony. Hope these tips will help you in your upcoming wedding. Enjoy your wedding and keep reading even after your wedding.

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