How to Accentuate Lip Makeup-Tutorial

How to Accentuate Lip Makeup-Tutorial

Lips are the sexiest part in a woman’s face and thus it is really important to take special care to expose that more beautiful. A perfect lip makeup can make you more confident, happy and lot more. Lips need proper care and every woman must know the perfect steps to get attractive lips. Applying the right lip color according to the skin tones, removing rough lines using lip scrub, moisturizing using lip balm and lip gloss are the essential things to expose your lips more beautiful and attractive.

Thus, let us check few steps that help us to accentuate your lip makeup.


  1. Moisturize your lips:

The first and foremost step is to make use of lip scrub to remove any unwanted hard lines on your lips. Apply little lip scrub and rub it using your fingers or a damp cloth. This will remove any rough lines on your lips and create a perfect base for further makeup.

After this, use a best lip balm to moisturize your lips. Applying a lip balm will keep the moisture intact and will make your lips softer and smooth. Apply this using your fingers and gently rub it all around your lips.

Now your lips are ready for any kind of Lip makeup.


  1. Apply the best foundation in the market:

Go for the best foundation creams or concealer available in the market. Always be careful while choosing the foundation creams and concealer. Choose the foundation that closely matches your skin tone. If you have hyper pigmentation around your mouth area then you can choose the concealer that is slightly darker.


  1. Pick the right lip liner:

Now it is the time to choose the matte finished lip liner that exactly matches your lip stick color. Gently start applying it from the cupid’s point of your lips and cover the entire lip outline area. This is the point where lip makeup can be actually highlighted or accentuated. For that, draw a small diagonal line starting from your cupid’s bow of the lip facing downwards. Similarly, draw opposite diagonal line from the other Cupid’s bow facing downwards.

Now the lines drawn looks like “X”.


  1. Apply your lip stick:

Take a thin filler makeup brush to apply your favorite lip color. Now first apply the lip color to the right of the “X “stroke and then to the left of the “X” stroke. This will accentuate your lip color along with the lip liner color and show your upper half of lips very attractive.

Now as usual, fill the bottom lip area with the same lip stick color using the brush.


  1. Apply concealer to the outline area:

Now take a light concealer which is 3 shades lighter than your skin tone and start applying to the outline area of the lips. Be careful while applying this since the concealer must be applied only in the outline area and not on your lips. Make use of sponge or your fingers to adjust the concealer to stay intact within your outline area.


  1. Highlight with a eye shadow:

Now take a matte finished brown eye shadow and apply it slightly and gently to the center of the lower lip area (Exactly between the lower lip and start of the chin) using the eye shadow brush. Along with it make use of fluffy brush to blend the eye shadow naturally to get the effect of “Plumper Lips”.

If you are not comfortable using brown eye shadows, then you can replace it using the dark shade concealer which is 3 shades darker than your skin tone.

But however, this is a special trick to accentuate your lip makeup and show you more highlighted in your party celebration.


For different Lip shapes:

Here are few tips for accentuating different lip shapes.


  1. Full lips:

The way to accentuate this type of lips is to apply lip liner just a single slight stroke around your lip line area. No overdoing is allowed since this will expose your lips bigger than ever.


  1. Thin Lips:

This is just the opposite of the Full lips. Just apply lip liner thick around your lip area to expose it as fuller lips.


  1. Uneven lips:

If you have heavy upper lip, then make use of bright lip liner at the upper lip outline and darker lip liner to the lower lip line. This will accentuate your lips by hiding the upper heavy lips.

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