How Rose Water Can Help Treat Acne

How Rose Water Can Help Treat Acne

Rose water is basically an emulsion of rose oil which water created as a by-product of brew rose petals.

It has the property of natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.Rosewater works as it will stimulate the growth of skin and makes skin clean and remove dead cells.

Rose water is very useful for all types of skin. if your skin get dehydration, use of daily rose water can resolve it.
it is a great dealer for skin irritation and rashes. It is so good for making skin soft and shiny. May be you would read it many times that rose water is super beneficial for skin, but hear I going to tell you some easy remedies to treat acne with help of rose water.
rose water is the thing you can easily buy it in any beauty products store or also make it with rose flower on your own. But the important thing is how to use this “Natures boon”.

  • Rose water can work as cleanser. So if get acne than use it like that. Take a cotton bud, put in to some rose water and clean your face daily. It can remove all dust and extra oil from your skin and makes it smooth and acne free.


  • If you have a beautiful face but behind the pimples and freckle that you must be use Rose water. it may come in handy in many ways. for the instant freshness you would spraying or put it on face with the help of cotton bud can freshen your skin throughout the day by day and It will never disappoint you.


  • Rose water is such a safe natural product. In summers, it can be become a most faithful and helpful friend for you. It’s will Care, nourish and make fresh your face.


  • 2 led of rose water in your bath baked will gives you a divine experience. For giving a treat for freshness to your skin daily use rose water in bath time. It will be a perfect bath.


  • Acne is the common problem for teen to youth, and rose water is the best rider.
    Rose water with Lime is a great combination to remove acne. Take a bowl and squeeze a lemon on that then put 1 led of pure rose water and apply this liquid on face with the help of cotton bud. Live it for 2 hours or can for whole night. Wash your face next morning with cool water. you must do it twice in a week to remove acne and clean your face.


  • You can do it in any time but if you do it at night it will gives you better result because after take is face pack skin must be feel relaxed so Take 2 tea spoon of sandal wood powder, 1 led of rose water and mix it then apply it on face and leave it until it get dry. After that wash it off and then take a good sleep.


  • During acne problem your skin can be get irritation, Sun burn is also noxious for skin, Rose water can rid all these problem from the roots. Use rose water with papaya is gives you amazing effects. Mash a papaya piece and put some rose water in this mixture, apply it for 30-40 minutes and after it gets dry wash it. Do it every 2-3 days to take better results.


  • Rose water mix with glycerine is the perfect moisturizer for skin. if you have oily skin and you don’t want apply any cosmetic creams then choose this. It’s safer than any cream. You can apply it like body lotion and It will never make your skin dry or so oily that’s why it can rid acne surly.

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