How Long Should You Keep Makeup?

How Long Should You Keep Makeup?

Are your using the same mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, blush, eye shadow or other makeup products for months? Do you know each of your makeup product have in-built expiry date? It is very much common that we only rely on the expiry date that have been printed on the product. But all these makeup product has a particular span within which we should get our cosmetic or makeup product replaced. Different makeup products have different lasting capabilities. So it is important for you to understand about your each makeup product so that you can protect your skin from its side-effects. Here is the complete guide for you that will explore about how long you should keep using a particular makeup product.



Mascara has shortest life span as compared to other makeup products. So always ensure that you are tossing your mascara after every 3 months. Since mascara has high risk of transferring bacteria from your eyes to its tube and thus as it become older and older bacteria may be much more infectious. Also whenever your mascara starts drying up you should skip using it rather than adding saliva or water to get it wet. By doing this you would be increasing the chances of eye infection.


Eye Liner Pencil

Eye liner pencil is one of the products with long life span. You can keep it for around 2 years. Still you should always ensure that you are using clean tip. Remember to sharpen the pencil whenever you use it.



The tube lipstick and your lip pencil also have long life span of 2 years. Lipsticks are less prone to being infectious from bacteria. However if you are using liquid or bottled lipstick to color your lips then it should be tossed within a period of 12 months. Again you need to maintain the hygiene while applying lipstick. Make sure to sharpen your lip pencil on every application.



Liquid eyeshadow has capability to last for 12 months without creating any problem to your skin. Whereas powder eyeshadow can last for 2 years. While application of eyes shadow always ensure that all your applicators are clean. Wash them regularly. If in any point of time you get an eye infection then you should throw all your eye makeup products and get these replaced with new ones so that infectious bacteria cannot again harm your eyes. As bacteria keep developing infections repeatedly.



Toss your cream blush after every 12 months. You can use powered blush for a period of 2 years. If at any point of time you feel that your makeup product smells weird or has changed its color, immediately discard it and get replaced with new one.


Liquid Foundation

If you are storing your liquid foundation away from heat then it can conveniently last for one year. If your skin is sensitive, acne prone or allergic then never apply your foundation using fingers by dipping them into the foundation rather use an applicator brush or sponge for applying it.



Stick concealer can easily last for 18 months if kept appropriately as per the directions. Liquid concealers has the capacity to last for one year. Application of the product matter the most especially in case of liquid products. Always use sponge or brush to apply concealer as there would be less chances of infection. Keep your applicators clean.


These are the actual life span of various makeup products up to which you can use your makeup. Keep this in mind so that you are always free if infections and bacteria and can enjoy a healthy makeup.

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