How Does Weight Loss Lead to Turkey Neck

How Does Weight Loss Lead to Turkey Neck

Most people in this present age are sufferers of obesity and extreme weight gains. There are several ways that can help you to lose weight effectively and that too fast. That is pretty good news that you can lose weight effectively. However, the bad part is that sudden and extreme weight loss can lead to several problems, turkey neck being the most devastating one of them.


What are the main causes of turkey neck?

  1. Loss of elasticity of the Skin:Elasticity of a skin means to its capability to go back to the original size and shape after a good amount of pressure has been applied and then suddenly removed. If you pull your skin, it normally bounces back to its original position, which means it is quite elastic. A protein called Collagen which is twisted in a similar fashion as a DNA strand plays a vital role in the elasticity of the skin. Collagen works side by side with another protein, named elastin that allows your skin to return back after it has been stretched.But as soon as the collagen in your skin becomes less produced due to factors like gene, smoking excessively and UV rays, your skin stats wrinkling and losing elasticity.


  1. Very slow fat cell regeneration: Cellulite is the abnormal fat storage cells which is located between the muscle and the skin. If the fat cells get enlarged in size after weight gain, it leads to increase in the gap between the muscle an theskin. The fibrous strands cannot stretch again and become rigid. It leads to sagging of skin and happens to form turkey neck around your neck region.


  1. Sudden weight loss: Extremely sudden weight loss can often lead to turkey neck in most people. Because your neck has lost extra fat suddenly,it is quite impossible to regain its tightness. Hence it is essential to bring a gradual weight loss plan, instead of a sudden one. You need to check the daily calorie intake as well as include aerobics in your daily routine.


What can you do to fight your turkey neck and get it back to normal?

 The region around your neck is a sensitive region and an exposed one too. So, you really need to take extra caution while losing weight suddenly. There are some ways by which you can also fight this turkey neck. Some of them are as follows:

Step 1: Strengthen your muscles around your neck:Just lie on the back and carefully raise your head along with the neck slightly off the floor.Slowly turn the head to the right &then to your left and relax your head down along the floor. Repeat this one as many times as is possible for you.However, you need make sure you do not jerk the neck at any point while doing the exercise.


Step 2: Stretching and toning: You need to tone your neck muscles. Here is what you need to do. Place your hand right across the collar bones near the base of your neck, with the palms facing downwards. Now give mild and gentle pressure with the hand while gently tilting your head backwards to stretch your neck. Be careful not to throw your head all the way back. Now, reach the bottom lip upwards along the ceiling. Hold in this position for a few seconds before returning your lower lip back to normal position. Repeatit 10 times in total.


Step 3: Chew while you eat:It is always advised to chew the food you eat pretty well. This not only strengthens the muscles around your neck but also helps to fight turkey neck.


Keep in mind that along with all these exercises, you also need to keep a screening over the diet you are taking every day.

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