How Does Fenugreek Help Cure Dandruff?

How Does Fenugreek Help Cure Dandruff?

Hair and hair style are the first look of a person. You keep embracing your hair to avail people’s attention. Well, who does not??? But it can be embarrassing if dandruff is spotted. Dandruff is caused due to dry scalp and flaky skin. In extreme cases, it can be seen on your shoulders creating an upsetting moment for you.

It is high time you take care of dandruff. Where no branded product or expensive shampoo can work, fenugreek acts as a boon for the dandruff problem.


Why fenugreek for dandruff???

It is the obvious question that scratches your mind. Fenugreek seeds have ancient records on a positive note of helping out people with dandruff issues. Dandruff can lead to weak hair. Hence once dandruff is wiped out, your hair can grow thicker and stronger.

Fenugreek is composed of rich protein, nicotinic and lecithin. These are highly resistant to dandruff and mitigates hair fall. Related scalp issues are also solved. Since it encourages growth of hair, baldness is cured. Every single hair grows thicker giving you a dense enlargement. The presence of lecithin in the composition of the seed activates the hydration process of the scalp thus making the hair root stronger than ever.

Fenugreek seeds weaken the source of dandruff in overall. Hence using the seeds regularly can draw up good and healthy hair.


How fenugreek seeds are to be used???

Fenugreek seeds can be used in numerous ways in combination with natural ingredients for best results.

  • One way involves the use of olive oil. Take some fenugreek seeds and crush them into powder. Warm a little olive oil in a container and mix the powdered seeds into the oil. A mixture is formed. Allow the mixture to get cooled. Once it gets cooled, apply on the entire scalp while massaging a little. Leave the hair for two hours. Wash thoroughly after that. You can also use coconut oil in lieu of olive oil.


  • Another way is that you can use apple cider vinegar. Crush the fenugreek seeds and add the apple cider vinegar into it. Mix well and apply on the scalp. Keep it undisturbed for about half an hour and then wash off with cool water.


  • The seeds can be used without any combination also. Soak the seeds of fenugreek overnight. By morning, you will obtain soft seeds. Once soft, blend the seeds into a paste. Add little water to make it smooth. Apply on the scalp and hair. Leave the hair untouched for about thirty minutes. Then rinse your hair with cool water thoroughly.


The after effects:

Now you must be wondering about the advantages offered by such usage of fenugreek seeds. It is for sure that after reading out the benefits you will sincerely follow the usage.

  • The composition of the fenugreek seed helps in nourishing and conditioning the hair strands starting from the roots. Hence the shine and patina is enhanced and a glazing upshot is seen on the hair.


  • The best part is dryness is removed as the seeds hydrate the scalp, thus reducing the dandruff effect. If the moisture balance is maintained then the dandruff issue is automatically solved. The roots get rejuvenated effectually.


  • Sometimes dandruff is caused due to fungal infection and the scalp becomes scaly and itchy. If the scalp becomes drier due to fungal infection then unwanted sebum is produced which ultimately gets clogged in the hair follicles. This leads to dandruff thus weakening the hair strands. Fenugreek seeds are anti fungal agents and help to eradicate the creation of fungus on the scalp.


Thus fenugreek seeds are efficient in solving the dandruff issue leading to strong rooted hair and dense growth. After reading the above you cannot refrain yourself from getting into action. So put your step forward and encourage yourself in curing dandruff using fenugreek seeds.

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